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Iranian news network attributes Sandy Hook massacre to “Israeli death squad”

Iranian news network Press TV has posted another anti-Semitic article, this one with the headline: “Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath.” The article cites Mike Harris, as well as Gordon Duff (the editor of Veterans Today), who refer … Continue reading

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Iranian network Press TV claims Jews carried out Sandy Hook massacre

Press TV, an English-language Iranian news network, has promoted the charge that Jews were responsible for carrying out the Sandy Hook massacre out of pique over the recent Palestinian success in the United Nations. A recent guest also insinuated that … Continue reading

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David Duke says Jews, not guns, caused the Sandy Hook tragedy

Another prominent anti-Semite has blamed Jews for the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook. In a long monologue on his Dec. 17 radio broadcast, former Klansman David Duke alleged that Jews, out of hatred for non-Jews and Western values, have consciously … Continue reading

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Bishop Williamson coming to the U.S.

Since his expulsion from the Society of St. Pius X, Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson has been rallying the most extreme elements of the Traditional Catholic movement to his cause. In his December 15 newsletter, Bishop Williamson reveals that he … Continue reading

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Mark Glenn says Jews responsible for the Sandy Hook school massacre

On his December 14 radio show, American anti-Semitic activist Mark Glenn reveals that the villains responsible for the Sandy Hook school massacre are…wait for it…the Jews. “When you see these kinds of things happening,” Glenn says, “you see these kids basically … Continue reading

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