Bishop Williamson addressed Right-Wing Extremist Group

Last month (Nov. 9-10), Bishop Richard Williamson was a featured speaker at a conference sponsored by the American Free Press (AFP), a right-wing extremist publication founded by Willis Carto. Williamson is a strong believer in the type of New World Order-conspiracy theories that are fundamental to the worldview of AFP’s core readership. The AFP’s own write-up of Williamson’s speech had the bishop saying that the New World Order is “laying the foundation for the rise of globalism under the anti-Christ” (AFP Nov. 25, 2013). In his most recent internet newsletter, Williamson reiterated his belief that “internment camps have been prepared all over the USA for any ‘rebels’ who will seriously oppose the New World Order” (Eleison Comments, Dec. 7, 2013).

Williamson fit right in at the conference, which featured such other notable anti-Semites as Willis Carto, Mark Dankof, Paul Fromm, and Texe Marrs. Also present at the conference was Andrea Hernandez, a High School student who unsuccessfully sued a Texas school district for requiring students to wear ID badges. Hernandez argued that because the badges included a microchip, they were tantamount to forcing students to wear a “Mark of the Beast” described in the Book of Revelations.

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1 Response to Bishop Williamson addressed Right-Wing Extremist Group

  1. xplosivexii says:

    How comedic, I have always found anti-semites to be in the same camp as those who are repulsed by, and opposed to, blood sucking venomous serpents. What is extreme about assembling to express political viewpoints and realistic concerns ? The blogger here must indeed be an irrascable jew who fears the truth about himself and his people if it ever becomes widespread.

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