Bishop Williamson thinks you can walk on stars

Seriously. I don’t know how else to interpret this. In a confirmation sermon at the traditionalist Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, he was trying to explain that the truth of the Catholic church, as he and his compatriots see it, does not change. He reached for the following analogy:

“It’s obvious to common sense. You can go to the other end of the universe, you can find the most distant star from earth, and maybe it’s got a few stones scattered around on the ground — which it may well have if it’s not a burning star like the sun, it’s got a a surface which you can sort of walk on and pick up some stones [emphasis added]. On the other end of the universe you can pick up two stones here, and two stones there, and they would make four stones. You might change the word four, and make it five, and then of course two and two would make five, because you have changed the word. But you can fool around with words, you are not going to fool around with reality. Modern man seriously thinks that he can fool around with reality.”

Some traditionalist Catholics have other problems with basic astronomy, but this is a new one I have not heard before.

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1 Response to Bishop Williamson thinks you can walk on stars

  1. xplosivexii says:

    So, let him preach, for the world of truth will ever treasure him, so long as Bishop Williamson does not profess something atrocious or fallacious such as millions of scandalous jews being gassed at Auschwitz or any other camp.

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