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Bishop Williamson addressed Right-Wing Extremist Group

Last month (Nov. 9-10), Bishop Richard Williamson was a featured speaker at a conference sponsored by the American Free Press (AFP), a right-wing extremist publication founded by Willis Carto. Williamson is a strong believer in the type of New World … Continue reading

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Mark Glenn’s new anti-Semitic broadcasting network

In recent weeks, Mark Glenn has made several upgrades to his operation over at The Ugly Truth podcast and blog. In the past he simply did a weekly podcast of a recorded conversation he had with a guest. Now he … Continue reading

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E. Michael Jones, the newest anti-Semite on Iranian TV

Press TV, the English-language TV channel sponsored by the Iranian government, has now roped another noted anti-Semite into its stable of news commentators: Eugene Michael Jones, a traditionalist Catholic who edits the extremist monthly, Culture Wars. So far Jones has … Continue reading

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The unreconstructed anti-Judaism of Mark Glenn

And then we come to Mark Glenn, another commentator for Press TV. It’s hard to know where to start with this guy. It’s not very common to see such blatant and unapologetic anti-Judaism as his these days. Probably the most … Continue reading

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More on Paul Sheldon Foote

The post on Paul Sheldon Foote has proven to be among the most popular on the blog so far. So let me give a few additional pointers for people interested in learning more about this guy. Probably the most important … Continue reading

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IHR on Facebook; Anti-Judaism in Anaheim and Columbus, GA

I’d like to extend a big welcome to the Institute for Historical Review, which now has a profile on Facebook. Not much on it yet, but since IHR joined on October 9, it picked up 78 members. This Facebook page … Continue reading

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Press TV anti-Semitic commentator: Paul Sheldon Foote

Paul Sheldon Foote is another regular commentator on Press TV, having done eight interviews since June of 2010. His interviews pertain to financial issues, which makes sense because he is an Accounting professor at the¬†University of California Fullerton. (His faculty … Continue reading

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