Mark Glenn says Jews responsible for the Sandy Hook school massacre

Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn

On his December 14 radio show, American anti-Semitic activist Mark Glenn reveals that the villains responsible for the Sandy Hook school massacre are…wait for it…the Jews. “When you see these kinds of things happening,” Glenn says, “you see these kids basically acting out this program that has been installed on their hard drives since they were born, you have to go to the source. Who programmed them? Who taught them that it was OK to do things like this? And again, for me the bottom line is that it’s the Jewish mainstream media….” Glenn is a longtime anti-Semite who is a commentator for Press TV, a semi-official Iranian broadcast network. In recent months he has also founded an internet radio network featuring a roster of anti-Semitic hosts, based on the broadcasting platform.

Glenn’s comments is more than just ranting against the media (which Glenn and his co-hosts have long maintained is controlled by Jews). He thinks Jews are very consciously flooding the media with violent images in order to create people like Adam Lanza. “They are building an army of psychopaths here so that they can send these guys off to the Middle East to fight and die for Israel,” Glenn says. He also claims that Jews have a religious motivation for this:

“They employ Judaic themes in doing it. All this violence that’s on TV, not just TV but the movies. Do we really think that this is not the result of the fact that these people follow a religion that glorifies violence? I mean they’re celebrating Hannukah right now. It’s a violent religious ceremony. Purim is a violent religious ceremony. Passover is a violent religious ceremony. So are we really to think that this lore that they worship in their Old Testament doesn’t play into the themes that we see taking place in Hollywood? Of course it does.” (57 minutes in)

Glenn claims that in the longer run, Jews want to eventually spark a race war in the US so that the country will basically wipe itself out:

“The people who were responsible for programming this kid to do this thing today, that they have a much bigger agenda, whether it’s killing twenty kids in a school, or whether it’s seeing an entire nation wiped out because their religion teaches them that that’s what their god wants them to do.” (59 minutes in)

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2 Responses to Mark Glenn says Jews responsible for the Sandy Hook school massacre

  1. mah29001 says:

    Mark Glenn is the one who’ll start a race war.

  2. Ben says:

    Well, he would LIKE to start one. His ability to do so as an Internet chickenhawk is not promising. But I love reading the insane ramblings of MG and his followers, they’re the funniest things I see on Thursday before I watch “Parks and Recreation”.

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