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Iranian news network attributes Sandy Hook massacre to “Israeli death squad”

Iranian news network Press TV has posted another anti-Semitic article, this one with the headline: “Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath.” The article cites Mike Harris, as well as Gordon Duff (the editor of Veterans Today), who refer … Continue reading

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Iranian network Press TV claims Jews carried out Sandy Hook massacre

Press TV, an English-language Iranian news network, has promoted the charge that Jews were responsible for carrying out the Sandy Hook massacre out of pique over the recent Palestinian success in the United Nations. A recent guest also insinuated that … Continue reading

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Press TV shut down in UK

I just found out that Press TV has lost its license to broadcast in Britain because it violated provisions of the UK Communications Act. Apparently the violations did not pertain to its programming content, but to its failure to consistently … Continue reading

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E. Michael Jones, the newest anti-Semite on Iranian TV

Press TV, the English-language TV channel sponsored by the Iranian government, has now roped another noted anti-Semite into its stable of news commentators: Eugene Michael Jones, a traditionalist Catholic who edits the extremist monthly, Culture Wars. So far Jones has … Continue reading

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The unreconstructed anti-Judaism of Mark Glenn

And then we come to Mark Glenn, another commentator for Press TV. It’s hard to know where to start with this guy. It’s not very common to see such blatant and unapologetic anti-Judaism as his these days. Probably the most … Continue reading

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