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David Duke says Jews, not guns, caused the Sandy Hook tragedy

Another prominent anti-Semite has blamed Jews for the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook. In a long monologue on his Dec. 17 radio broadcast, former Klansman David Duke alleged that Jews, out of hatred for non-Jews and Western values, have consciously … Continue reading

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Kevin MacDonald: “Jewish identity is hating Christianity”

Another quote from Professor Kevin MacDonald, who was speaking with former Klansman David Duke on his November 12, 2012 radio show (about 30 minutes in): Kevin MacDonald: “[Jewish] people hate us. [They have] this sense of persecution going back to the … Continue reading

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Cal. State University professor endorses, fund-raises for David Duke

Has anyone else noticed that for the past several months, Professor Kevin MacDonald of Cal State-Long Beach has been a regular guest on the Internet radio show of former Klansman and perpetual anti-Semite David Duke? This began in early March 2012, … Continue reading

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Kevin MacDonald cheers the fringe voices of anti-Semitism in the OWS movement

You know that weird guy who has been showing up with anti-Semitic signs to the Occupy Wall Street rallies in Manhattan? A professor at Cal. State-Long Beach thinks he’s the one who’s got it right. In his latest blog post, Kevin Macdonald, a … Continue reading

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Kevin MacDonald says Jews oppose “beauty” and “health”…

…and he also misrepresents the Talmud, in a blog post whose earnest anti-Semitism was unintentionally hilarious.  I know, anti-Semitism is no laughing matter. And Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology at California State University–Long Beach, is one of the most … Continue reading

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