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Iranian news network attributes Sandy Hook massacre to “Israeli death squad”

Iranian news network Press TV has posted another anti-Semitic article, this one with the headline: “Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath.” The article cites Mike Harris, as well as Gordon Duff (the editor of Veterans Today), who refer … Continue reading

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Ahmadinejad’s Hitler fanboy

I bumped into Fredrick Toben twice this week. Once when I came across an interview he gave recently to the [Iranian] Fars News Agency, in which he lauded Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for helping promote Holocaust denial. Toben, who has been a hardcore … Continue reading

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E. Michael Jones, the newest anti-Semite on Iranian TV

Press TV, the English-language TV channel sponsored by the Iranian government, has now roped another noted anti-Semite into its stable of news commentators: Eugene Michael Jones, a traditionalist Catholic who edits the extremist monthly, Culture Wars. So far Jones has … Continue reading

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Press TV uses US anti-Semites as commentators

After noticing that the Iran’s English-language news agency Press TV has been promulgating a modern version of the blood libel by alleging that Jews kill children to harvest their organs, I started digging a bit deeper into Press TV’s articles … Continue reading

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Iran claims Jews harvest Gentiles’ organs

They’re at it again.  Press TV, an official Iranian news agency — fully-funded by the Iranian government — has repeated its allegation that Israelis kidnap non-Jews and harvest their organs for use as “spare parts.” In a story about real allegations … Continue reading

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Short Points

Haaretz reports that Venezuelan Jews have been granted the opportunity to meet with Hugo Chavez and express their concern over antisemitism in state-controlled media.  Good luck with that.  ADL has documented the extent to which antisemitism has become endemic in Chavez’s … Continue reading

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