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David Duke says Jews, not guns, caused the Sandy Hook tragedy

Another prominent anti-Semite has blamed Jews for the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook. In a long monologue on his Dec. 17 radio broadcast, former Klansman David Duke alleged that Jews, out of hatred for non-Jews and Western values, have consciously … Continue reading

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Kevin MacDonald: “Jewish identity is hating Christianity”

Another quote from Professor Kevin MacDonald, who was speaking with former Klansman David Duke on his November 12, 2012 radio show (about 30 minutes in): Kevin MacDonald: “[Jewish]┬ápeople hate us. [They have] this sense of persecution going back to the … Continue reading

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Cal. State University professor endorses, fund-raises for David Duke

Has anyone else noticed that for the past several months, Professor Kevin MacDonald of┬áCal State-Long Beach has been a regular guest on the Internet radio show of former Klansman and perpetual anti-Semite David Duke? This began in early March 2012, … Continue reading

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Germar Rudolf says Judaism is Nazism

There’s hardly any need for additional evidence that, in addition to being a proud Holocaust denier, Germar Rudolf is an outright anti-Semite. (I’ve written before about Rudolf’s overtly anti-Semitic comments.) However, as a followup to my post about Mr. Rudolf … Continue reading

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Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf spreads hate from Pennsylvania

Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf is back in the United States, reporting on his website that he is living with his wife somewhere in Pennsylvania. He had kept a low profile for a while as he wrangled out legal complications preventing … Continue reading

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