Iranian network Press TV claims Jews carried out Sandy Hook massacre

Mike_HarrisPress TV, an English-language Iranian news network, has promoted the charge that Jews were responsible for carrying out the Sandy Hook massacre out of pique over the recent Palestinian success in the United Nations. A recent guest also insinuated that the Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, was part of the an “Israeli death squad.”

In a December 18 broadcast, Press TV featured Mike Harris, a contributor to the anti-Semitic website Veterans Today. In an interview with Press TV’s host, Harris stated that the “source” of America’s culture of violence is “Jews in Hollywood.” Getting more specific, Harris alleged that Israeli “death squads” operating in the US were responsible for carrying out the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords in January of 2011, and the July 2012 massacre in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. He explained:

“Now you look at Israel just lost their bid to thwart Palestine from being recognized by the United Nations and now here we go, here is a revenge killing in the US, sponsored by Israel, that killed all these innocent children and that is something that Israelis do very, very well. They target the innocent, they target the children, they target women and they avoid the issue because they are angry; they did not get their way and now Palestine has standing at the UN and Israel is going to be subject to the international criminal courts and their leadership is going to be taken to task.”

Prompted by Press TV’s host, Harris went on to claim that Jews and Zionists have taken over the US Congress and “have been trying to destroy this country and trying to destroy this Constitution for the last seventy years.” Harris concluded:

“I want Israel off the face of the earth. They are the source of all problems in the Middle East. They are the original terrorists. And don’t forget that this killing in Newtown was a revenge killing because Israel lost the vote about Palestine being recognized in the UN.”

Veterans Today is a fervently anti-Semitic website which features Holocaust denial, anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, and attacks on Jewish religious texts. Its contributors and editors frequently appear as guests on Press TV.

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One Response to Iranian network Press TV claims Jews carried out Sandy Hook massacre

  1. UCSPanther says:

    PressTV is pretty much the modern-day version of Die Sturmer.

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