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Anti-Semitism and the translation of the Talmud into Arabic

The Jerusalem Post just published an op-ed I wrote about the recent translation of the Talmud into Arabic. Advertisements

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Congratulations Lynx and Lamb

According to a report on Good Morning America, the twin sisters who comprised the white power music duo, Prussian Blue, have renounced white supremacism. They started their band when they were twelve years old, after having been home-schooled by their … Continue reading

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Concordia University hosted a Holocaust denier

Concordia University in Wisconsin hosted Rev. Herman Otten on February 3, where he spoke about “questions on contemporary issues facing the Lutheran Church.” Who is Herman Otten? On the front page of its website at the time, Concordia described Otten as … Continue reading

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Anti-Semitism News

A teenager from Franconia, PA, has been ordered to visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, meet a Holocaust survivor, and read “Night” by Elie Wiesel, as part of his punishment for spray-painting swastikas and ethnic slurs on the home of … Continue reading

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A despicable book

I was finally able to find a copy of the book, Torat HaMelech (“The King’s Torah”), and have spent the past hour or so reading through it. I have never been so repulsed, disgusted and angered by a book — … Continue reading

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David Irving US tour dates

David Irving, a Holocaust denier of international note, has released a new set of dates and places for a US speaking tour.  Late April and early May are pretty brutal on him. No rest for the wicked, I guess.  Irving … Continue reading

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Internet company stands firm against Holocaust deniers

Almost missed this: Mark Weber’s campaign to get web security companies to remove the website of the Institute for Historical Review from their lists of hate sites ran into a [fire]wall when Eric Proul, Sr. Legal Counsel of Websense Inc., … Continue reading

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