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Germar Rudolf says Judaism is Nazism

There’s hardly any need for additional evidence that, in addition to being a proud Holocaust denier, Germar Rudolf is an outright anti-Semite. (I’ve written before about Rudolf’s overtly anti-Semitic comments.) However, as a followup to my post about Mr. Rudolf … Continue reading

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Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf spreads hate from Pennsylvania

Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf is back in the United States, reporting on his website that he is living with his wife somewhere in Pennsylvania. He had kept a low profile for a while as he wrangled out legal complications preventing … Continue reading

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The many names of Germar Rudolf

I’ve been reading through the voluminous online writings of Germar Rudolf (including these and these) and just wanted to note, for anyone else who  might want to do their own research, that he seems to have used at least twelve pen … Continue reading

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Germar Rudolf: Still trying to get into the US

Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf has resurfaced. In a letter that is circulating online, Rudolf writes that he is “somewhere in Mexico,” waiting for a ruling on his application for a green card to enter the United States. Rudolf had moved to … Continue reading

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