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More on Paul Sheldon Foote

The post on Paul Sheldon Foote has proven to be among the most popular on the blog so far. So let me give a few additional pointers for people interested in learning more about this guy. Probably the most important … Continue reading

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David Duke YouTube channel reinstated

Dammit. Duke crows about it here.

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YouTube closes David Duke’s account

David Duke has announced on an extremist web forum that YouTube closed down his account and removed his videos. He appears to be right. If you try to open the video I wrote about a while back, you’ll get a … Continue reading

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Press TV uses US anti-Semites as commentators

After noticing that the Iran’s English-language news agency Press TV has been promulgating a modern version of the blood libel by alleging that Jews kill children to harvest their organs, I started digging a bit deeper into Press TV’s articles … Continue reading

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David Duke’s presidential platform

No word yet on what happened at David Duke’s speaking engagement on the subject of a possible run for president in 2012.  But Duke released a video detailing his platform in case he would actually run.  Some of it is … Continue reading

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David Duke wants to run for President…again?

Oh boy.  David Duke will be speaking to supporters this weekend about possibly “entering the Republican primaries for President of the United States,” for the 2012 elections.  The Bonner County Daily Bee has some more detail. To put this into perspective, it … Continue reading

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