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Doug Christie’s unsent letter to Desmond Tutu

If there were any doubts about recently-deceased Doug Christie’s personal motivations, they have been swept aside by Bradley Smith, who in the latest issue of his newsletter shares the draft of a letter that Doug Christie wanted to send to … Continue reading

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Bradley Smith promotes neo-Nazi Carolyn Yeager

It’s been pointed out before that one of Bradley Smith’s close associates, Carolyn Yeager, is a neo-Nazi. Smith underwrites Yeager’s website, he constantly promotes her work, and they even send out joint propaganda (for a good example of all this, … Continue reading

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Holocaust denier to visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Holocaust denier Bradley Smith says he has registered to attend an annual lecture on Holocaust survivors at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on June 21, 2011. This event has been on Smith’s radar for some time. Back in April … Continue reading

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Germar Rudolf: Still trying to get into the US

Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf has resurfaced. In a letter that is circulating online, Rudolf writes that he is “somewhere in Mexico,” waiting for a ruling on his application for a green card to enter the United States. Rudolf had moved to … Continue reading

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A touching post by Alex Linder

Anyone interested in Alex Linder, a neo-Nazi who runs one of the most popular white supremacist websites on the Internet, might like to see a fascinating post he left on the Facebook wall of Holocaust denier Bradley Smith: Where I … Continue reading

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Bradley Smith’s new Holocaust denial campaign

As sure as the new school year is upon us, Holocaust denier Bradley Smith has begun a new campaign to disseminate Holocaust denial in US colleges. He has been doing this for almost 20 years now. His method is to … Continue reading

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Holocaust Denier Bradley Smith on Facebook

A few months ago, Holocaust denier Bradley Smith joined Facebook.  Smith runs an organization called the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), and is most famous for his “Campus Project,” which he began in 1991 and is ongoing, … Continue reading

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