Bishop Williamson to visit NY and NJ

Bishop Richard Williamson

Bishop Richard Williamson

Bishop Richard Williamson will be conducting Mass and presiding over a conference on the “Crisis of Tradition” in Brewster, NY, on April 1. The focus will be on “the ramifications of the gradual movement of Tradition towards Modernist Rome.” Brewster is about an hour north of NYC.

On April 2, Bishop Williamson will conduct a Mass and another conference somewhere in NJ.

These visits appear to be sponsored by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, in Boston, KY.

Over the past several months, Bishop Williamson has made many visits to traditionalist chapels scattered across the US and Canada. He has also reaffirmed his Holocaust denial. More on the latter in a future post.

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3 Responses to Bishop Williamson to visit NY and NJ

  1. Alan Aversa says:

    Albeit tacitly reaffirmed his gas chamber denial

    • steve mcnair says:

      Let’s not forget the U.S. government’s suppression of knowledge about widespread genocide that our presence has inflicted on the people of the Middle East.

      Madeleine Albright had something “wonderful” to say about U.S. sanctions killing 500,000 Iraqi children in 1996: “The price was worth it.”

      I never heard Williamson once say that the murder of anyone was “worth the price.”
      Williamson influences small numbers of people and he does not run foreign policy.

      How many children around the world will ever hear the truth?: that Pius XII instructed the Catholic Church to save thousands of potential victims of the Holocaust. Israel Zolli, then Chief Rabbi of Rome, converted to Catholicism after he was hidden by two Italian families.

      Yes, traditional Catholicism is the scourge of the earth. Let it be wiped out so that a post-Christian pagan world can reintroduce the glory of slavery in a high-tech, world-wide police state.

  2. xplosivexii says:

    How is it possible to deny that of which could not possibly happen? In this matter of concern, I believe the only place for where a denial can be found, is in the assertion of that which has never happened.

    If all the jews were to perish tomorrow, Satan would have to elect a new group of disciples today.

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