Bishop Williamson and the St. Marcel Initiative

Bishop Richard Williamson, who denies the Holocaust and promotes belief in worldwide Jewish conspiracy theories, was expelled from the Society of St. Pius X several weeks ago, after numerous acts of insubordination against the leaders of the organization. For his part, Bishop Williamson contends that the leaders of SSPX have given up their traditional opposition to Catholic doctrinal change and modernism.

Now that he has been expelled, Bishop Williamson is trying to cultivate “Catholic Resistance” to the modernizing liberalism of SSPX. He calls it the “St. Marcel Initiative,” and describes it as “a loose network of independent pockets of Resistance, gathered around the Mass, freely contacting one another, but with no structure of false obedience such as served to sink the mainstream Church in the 1960’s, and is now sinking the Society of St Pius X.” The website for the St. Marcel Initiative so far only solicits funds.

I think it’s good for the image of SSPX that Bishop Williamson has been formally expelled, but the jury is still out on whether SSPX has the desire and ability to purge itself of the anti-Semitism that percolates within some of its more extreme members. Let us hope so. In the meantime, we’ll keep watching Bishop Williamson and the St. Marcel Initiative for further developments.

BTW: In case you are wondering who “St. Marcel” was, it’s a reference to Marcellus of Tangier, a roman solider in the third century who was martyred after refusing to make idolatrous sacrifices in honor of the Roman emperor. It is said that Marcellus’ motto was “Jesu Christo Regi aterno milito,” which Google Translate says means “Soldier of Jesus Christ, the King eternal.”

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3 Responses to Bishop Williamson and the St. Marcel Initiative

  1. Alan Aversa says:

    Hasn’t the SSPX already expelled some of its priests accused of being “anti-Semitic”? I wonder if Frs. Michael Crowdy & Kenneth Novak—authors of “The mystery of the Jewish people in history,” which ADL described as “aint-Semitic” —are still a part of the SSPX?

  2. vox says:

    When Williamson was interviewed in Germany about the Holocaust, it is quite clear that his words were taken out of context. He never denied that Jewish people had been systematically murdered by the Nazi regime. He merely questioned the historical evidence that the Jewish people had been deliberately killed “in gas chambers.” This is a forensic matter, as pertaining to the scene of a crime. Inquisitive historians and other scholars often take up revisionist endeavors to shed light on new information, or to dispel commonly held myths. I am no authority on the use of gas chambers in Nazi Germany; but this does not mean that an honest scholar should be prevented from adding knowledge on the subject.

    While time is limited for all of us, it seems to me that those of us who oppose anti-semitism should broaden their efforts towards an all-out declaration against racism and violence in general. I don’t think that there is any group of people on this planet, who have not been exploited and sometimes killed by oppressive powers. Catholics, Romani, homosexuals, the infirm, and many others were also put to death in Germany, Soviet Russia, and across the world. Pius XII himself directed all Catholics in Europe to save as many Jewish people as possible, by hiding them away anywhere they could. Sister Margherita Marchione has written on this subject

    After WW2 ended, General Curtis Lemay stated that if the U.S. had lost the war, it was the Allies who probably would have been tried for crimes against humanity. We carpet-bombed cities in Germany and Japan that had no strategic military value. We are also the only country known to have used the atom bomb, while Japan had been offering surrender for quite some time before. The Japanese population was moving toward starvation at that time.

    The ancient and perennial Catholic position has always been to convert all people to Catholicism; it has never been secret about its evangelization. Francisco de Vittoria (1483-1546; he had Jewish ancestry), once known as the “father of international law,” was instrumental in the development of Catholic thought in regard to how indigenous peoples and non-Christians should be treated; his specific aim at that time was to limit the power of the Spanish empire over the New World. He said “The upshot of all the preceding is this, then, that the aborigines undoubtedly had true dominion in both public and private matters, just like Christians, and that neither their princes nor private persons could be despoiled of their property on the ground of their not being true owners.” This is hardly a body of thought that could be extrapolated to tolerate the murder or dispossession of anyone, including Jewish people.

    The Church has long acknowledged and built upon the splendorous cultural influences of Jewish, Greek, Roman and Germanic peoples which formed Western Civilization. Like many or perhaps all religions, Catholics hold their claim to be possessors and expounders of the only truth. Within their beliefs is what they sincerely hold to be a unique case: the only religion founded by God Who Became Man.

    There are a lot of reasons to attack traditional Catholics, but I suppose two main ones are these: Its universal mission to evangelize all peoples, and its belief in an objective truth (that is above man, superior to man, and independent of him) that mankind cannot break without dire consequences in temporal and spiritual existence.

    One can “buy” into this, or not. No one today, forces anyone to be a Catholic. Even Catholic parents do not have this capability long-term. Attacking the thoughts and speech of anyone who is not advocating violence (murder, theft, rape, libel, etc.) is a disservice to all those who love freedom and morality. I have known Jewish individuals throughout my life, and like other individuals, they cannot be collectivized into one body of opinion.

  3. Arminius Aurelius says:

    The author, ” Aryeh Tuchman ” of this Hate post states that Bishop Williamson denies the Holocaust and promotes worldwide Jewish conspiracy theories . First of all he did not deny it 100 % but questions certain aspects of it and rightfully so . Jewish conspiracy theories ? I find it interesting that intelligent people are allowed to question any occurrence in history without fear.
    But NEVER question the honesty / integrity of the Jewish people , they are Gods chosen , so they say . Therefore they can do no wrong . Just questioning some aspects of the so called Holocaust in Europe , you will be CRUCIFIED , TRUTH be damned . Like the Spanish Inquisition in 1489 , the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 , we now have the Zionist Inquisition looking for Witches to burn . The Synagogue of Satan have wrapped their tentacles around our Congressmen in Washington , D.C. They dare not criticize Israel in any fashion or they will be accused of Anti -semitism , smeared , defamed , slandered and their careers destroyed. It is not a conspiracy theory to say that the Jews control our leaders , the mass media , Hollywood and Wall Street and the Banksters . It is no conspiracy theory to say that they are the 4 th Reich intent on restoring the Kingdom of David and Solomon to its Biblical Borders . What other country in the Near East has attacked and invaded directly or indirectly so many countries as Israel .
    Never forget , Duplicity , Treason and Murder ,on the part of Israel , June 8 , 1967 Never forget ” Operation Susannah ” a.k.a. The Lavon Affair

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