Holocaust denier David Irving…coming to a city near you?

Yesterday, white supremacist Paul Fromm posted a letter from British Holocaust denier David Irving in which he announces plans for a Fall 2012 lecture tour of the United States. The exact dates and cities for the tour are on Irving’s website. After having been barred from countries including Germany, Canada, Austria, and Australia on account of his racist and anti-Semitic activities, Irving relies on his US lecture tours as a source of income and a way to connect with his fans. (He also sells Nazi memorabilia.)  He typically drives from city to city with boxes of books in his trunk, and sells them to the people who attend his lectures, which he usually delivers in rooms he rents from hotels or restaurants. Sometimes he tries to rent space from other places like churches, but that often doesn’t turn out too well. Truth is, he has trouble holding the events in hotels and restaurants too, because management usually doesn’t take kindly to his agenda, his audience, and the anti-racist protesters who often show up. Irving attributes it all to a Jewish plot (he calls it a “global vendetta“).

I checked in at Irving’s website today and noticed a post of his in which he states that his daughter, Jessica (I think she’s in her early twenties), was recently mugged in a London neighborhood. Thankfully she was not injured, but she lost her money, credit cards, etc. Apparently her attackers were two black men, so the incident gave Irving the opportunity to spout his typical racist commentary:

I hope that teaches her something. She does need educating about what seems to be the disproportionately inherent propensity of Blacks for criminal behaviour. This episode will put an end to her goody-goody Lisa-Simpson brand of liberalism, if only for a while….What on earth were our politicians thinking when they began systematically flooding Britain with Blacks since the 1950s?

Bravo to Jessica for having grown up to be a fair-minded person. Her father actually sang her racist ditties of his own invention when she was a toddler. In his diaries, which became public during the lawsuit he brought against Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt, Irving chuckles over this one that he sang to her “when half-breed children [were] wheeled past:”

I am a Baby Aryan
Not Jewish or Sectarian
I have no plans to marry-an
Ape or Rastafarian.

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3 Responses to Holocaust denier David Irving…coming to a city near you?

  1. If Irving wants to criticise immigration to Great Britain in the 1950s he better be careful of how he treats the prime mover of black immigration, Enoch Powell. Might not make him many friends among what he sees as his core audience…

    • stevieb says:

      Oh, I don’t know. These days Irving is going to get ALOT of converts. Open your eyes… nevermind, it’s too late for you anyway…

  2. Argaman says:

    I’m glad to see that he’s not coming to upstate New York this time!

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