Cal. State University professor endorses, fund-raises for David Duke

Has anyone else noticed that for the past several months, Professor Kevin MacDonald of Cal State-Long Beach has been a regular guest on the Internet radio show of former Klansman and perpetual anti-Semite David Duke? This began in early March 2012, when Duke introduced MacDonald as “one of the intellects and academics that I most respect in the world,” and added, “I don’t think there’s any writer in the last thirty years that’s more impacted my understanding of the world, given me a deeper understanding of the Jewish question and Zionism and Jewish extremism and ethnocentrism” than MacDonald. Since then, MacDonald has appeared on Duke’s show at least 18 times to spout his typical, hateful lies about Jews, has endorsed Duke’s videos, and has even fund-raised for him.

Kevin MacDonald

On their March 5 show, Duke and MacDonald focused largely on Israel. MacDonald claimed that as a result of aggressive ethnocentrism, contemporary Jews will never “give up an inch of the territory they gained in the 1967 war,” and he repeated the allegation that Jews believe that they have a biblical right to “all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates.” He elaborated: “So they take that as the mandate, that eventually Israel will encompass…all of Syria, all of Jordan, half of Iraq, and part of Egypt, this is an incredibly large country. They see themselves eventually as dominating the entire area.” He didn’t explain how this theory squares with the fact that Israel gave the Sinai to Egypt in 1979, and withdrew from Gaza in 2005.

Duke and MacDonald didn’t get really revved up until their next show, on March 6, when they discussed the porn industry, and the film industry in general, which they claimed were run by Jews. They had this exchange (minutes 9 to 14):

Duke: Are Jews being conspiratorial, do they just support these kinds of movements, these degenerate and destructive movements in our society simply to weaken us — the overwhelming European majority — to divide and weaken us? Are they just doing this naturally because of their own perverted tendencies? What do you think drives them to support the degeneracy of Hollywood….What do you think the motivations are? [Do they] talk about the need to basically degrade or weaken their enemy by destroying their family life, their sociality [sic], their morals and so forth. What’s the source of this?

MacDonald: [It is] essentially [because of] Jewish hostility to western culture….If you’re a Jew, you look back on history, and you see nothing but persecutions [on the part of the West]…so there’s this hostility towards western culture and anything about it.

Duke: So porn is their revenge. Getting our children addicted to porn and degrading and disgusting–and even sadomasochism–I mean, we’re not talking about the beauty of the human body, we’re talking about really disgusting, destructive, evil involvement of young people, including the performers, the actors, and the young people who are sickened by this and kind of screwed up — and [the Jews] talk about it like revenge….

MacDonald: [T]here’s a psychological edge to it, there’s a hostility and a sense of revenge.

Then MacDonald got completely hysterical (about 15 minutes in):

MacDonald: You talked about [Jewish] Bolshevism. Well you think about the horrific things that happened in the Soviet Union during the 1920s and 1930s, and then start to think about what could happen in America after whites cease being a majority — this [Jewish] hatred is still there, and it really knows no bounds. I think that especially when you get into the organized Jewish community, the people who are most strongly identified as Jews, there’s a hostility there and there’s a tendency to just want to destroy…a desire to displace western culture and destroy it. There’s a hatred for Christianity that is pervasive in the Jewish community, it’s in the mother’s milk, it’s a reflex. So my concern is that when whites have less power, that they are going to be victimized in a way that you can’t even imagine.

You heard that right. MacDonald is saying that Jews, possessed by a boundless hatred for white people, will enact Soviet-style persecutions “that you can’t even imagine” against whites once they become a minority within the United States. Cue images of Stalin and the gulags.

Jumping to the one of his most recent shows (June 20), Duke plugged an anti-Semitic video that he produced, and MacDonald ran with it (minutes 15-16):

MacDonald: I think your videos really hit home on a lot of very important points, and actually I posted your video on the Occidental Observer site, because it certainly hits on a lot of the themes that we hit on repeatedly: Jewish exceptionalism, Jews thinking that they’re absolutely different from other peoples. And it’s a very mainstream view [among Jews] that non-Jews are really not even human, that they are people that can be exploited, that they are to serve Jews, and they have very different moral and ethical connotations. One of my older articles is actually called “Understanding Jewish Influence: Background Traits for Jewish Activists,” and I have a lot of examples of that, and quite a few examples of Jewish ethics were basically, there’s a very different ethical standard for Jews and non-Jews. So one of the things you have in the videos that Rabbi from the Shas party, I forget his name, Joseph, I guess, saying that Jews are completely different creatures, that non-Jews are created basically to serve Jews — and it’s a very mainstream kind of thinking in Jewish thought, going back thousands of years, two thousand years, you can easily find that throughout Jewish writings, so it’s not some kind of Jewish extremists or something, this is very mainstream kind of idea within the Jewish community. I think this is the kind of thing that when I started reading about Jews I didn’t rally have a lot of preconceptions; I didn’t know much about them — I probably bought a lot of stuff that ADL says about Jewish ethics — but the more you read about Jewish ethics and the more you realize that it’s extreme, radical ethnocentrism, and they really hate everybody that’s not a Jew.

These comments are mind-boggling. Rabbi Yosef in Israel has said some deplorable things, but he has been roundly condemned for it by a host of Jewish rabbinical organizations and Jewish leaders.  And sure, there are some xenophobic passages in Jewish religious texts, just as there are in the writings of Christians and Muslims. But to say that hatred of non-Jews is mainstream in the Jewish community — that is a delusional, anti-Semitic and toxic allegation, which can only stoke anti-Jewish hatred. And what is his evidence for these claims?Has he polled Jewish populations around the world to gauge their levels of anti-Gentile animus? Has he even poked his head out of his office at Cal. State Long Beach and talked to a few actual Jewish students? (Well, I guess they might not want to talk to him, but you get the idea.) No, Professor MacDonald claims to have discovered this truth by “reading about Jews.” Professor MacDonald is not just an anti-Semite, he also apparently has no concept of basic sociological research methods. That doesn’t reflect too well on Cal. State’s standards for tenured professors, does it.

David Duke

That particular June 20 show was part of Duke’s fundraising drive. Duke asked his listeners to “take the time and trouble and be generous and make a gift to this work, because without your support we can’t do the work.” Unsolicited by Duke, MacDonald jumped in, saying, “If I can make a point about that if you don’t mind, it is very important to support people like yourself — if you look at Jewish organizations, Jewish causes, they are massively well-funded, and that’s one of the major sources of success that Jews have” (this was about 40 minutes in).

So there you go. Kevin MacDonald has teamed up with David Duke. He has taken to the Internet airwaves claiming that Jews have a revenge-driven agenda to destroy Western civilization and corrupt its youth; that Jewish hatred for non-Jews is boundless; and that Jews will inflict Bolshevik-style persecutions on non-Jews in the US as soon as is practical. And he calls for listeners to make contributions to the former Klansman.

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3 Responses to Cal. State University professor endorses, fund-raises for David Duke

  1. I see you have deleted my truthful comment & completely disallowed comments on your recent posting entitled: ‘Anti-Semitism and the translation of the Talmud into Arabic’…

    This shows you to be a liar and a coward.

    The Talmud is Satanic filth… and you know it.

    Your agenda has thusly been exposed you lying Pharisee.

    • Umm, you didn’t get what my agenda was until I closed the comments? I thought the general thrust of this blog was pretty straightforward. I particularly like this comment of yours, though, so I’ll leave it up.

    • mah29001 says:

      Anti-Semites whine about the lack of freedom of speech…..meanwhile if you cut and paste whatever the hell they say on your blog they’d say how they are “not” anti-Semitic.

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