Germar Rudolf says Judaism is Nazism

There’s hardly any need for additional evidence that, in addition to being a proud Holocaust denier, Germar Rudolf is an outright anti-Semite. (I’ve written before about Rudolf’s overtly anti-Semitic comments.) However, as a followup to my post about Mr. Rudolf settling in Pennsylvania, allow me to share a particularly evocative recent quote from him. This was in a May 2, 2012 conversation between Rudolf and former Klansman David Duke, on whose show Rudolf has become a regular guest. Duke had asked Rudolf about his feelings on the state of Israel and “other hypocrisies in the world today.” Rudolf responded with the story of an encounter he had with a German Jew in 1994, who provided him with the following insight:

“National Socialism is Judaism for non-Jews. To get that straight: Basically the Jewish religion, the Jewish ideology, is comparable to National Socialism, to Nazism, whatever you want to call it, in terms of considering your own people supreme, chosen, and having the right to trample upon everyone else, to kill them, murder them, expel them, ethnically cleanse them, to not giving them a voice, not giving them a right to vote. That’s the kind of idea we have about National Socialism, that’s what Germans allegedly did during the Second World War with other people — whether or not that is right is a point that can be argued but I don’t want to do it — that’s the cliché the world has in mind regarding Nazis, and that’s exactly applicable to Israel, and that’s what the guy said. National Socialism is Judaism for non-Jews because the Jews were the original Nazis, they invented it 2,500 years ago, and they’ve practiced it ever since.”

Note this well: Rudolf here is talking about Judaism, not Zionism; he is claiming that Judaism as a religion teaches Jews to hate non-Jews, to lie and steal and murder. He tries to pass himself off as a free speech advocate, but this and other quotes speak for themselves about his hateful beliefs about Jews and Judaism.

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2 Responses to Germar Rudolf says Judaism is Nazism

  1. mah29001 says:

    And yet it’s these double talk hypocrites who claim how they are not anti-Semites, along with stating how the Palestinians and Iranians are Semites. It’s all double talk to throw people back to ignore their hate rhetoric for what it truly is.

  2. alanbstardmp says:

    Rudolf’s history has no bearing on his findings using an incorruptible exact science at Auschwitz

    The tests need to be replicated by those that disagree with the findings

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