Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf spreads hate from Pennsylvania


Germar Rudolf

Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf is back in the United States, reporting on his website that he is living with his wife somewhere in Pennsylvania. He had kept a low profile for a while as he wrangled out legal complications preventing him from residing in the US. Now he is writing much more on his website, has become a regular guest on David Duke’s internet radio show, and recently published a new book entitled Resistance is Obligatory, in which he presents the “uncensored inside story” of his 2007 conviction in Germany for defaming the memory of the dead and inciting racial hatred.

Daniel McGowan

Rudolf’s new book has a preface by Daniel McGowan, a former professor of economics at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Executive Director of Deir Yassin Remembered.  I think it’s fair to call McGowan himself a Holocaust denier. Although he protests that he has never denied the “tenets of the orthodox Holocaust narrative,” he has repeated many of the specific arguments that Holocaust deniers make about the historicity of the destruction of European Jewry, has called Elie Wiesel a fraud, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of deniers like Ernst Zundel, Bishop Richard Williamson, and Germar Rudolf.

It’s hard for me to obtain the writings of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites these days, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to review Resistance is Obligatory, but I’ll try to keep an eye on what Germar Rudolf posts on his site.

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11 Responses to Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf spreads hate from Pennsylvania

  1. Jett Rucker says:

    I wonder what’s making it so hard to OBTAIN writings of Holocaust revisionists for our blogger? It’s not like they’re hard to find (Rudolf provides links from his Web site). OR expensive. I’ll SEND you one, if you’ll read it. Yes, even with your mind firmly closed.
    Has Dov Hikind shut down RUDOLF’s credit-card capabilities, like he did David Irving’s? Naw, that can’t be it – that makes it hard for EVERYONE (not just “for me”) to obtain his writings.

  2. john king says:

    We live in a really sick world where jails are used to imprison historians and scholars holding non-orthodox views on historical issues. If Jews were routinely imprisoned for denying the existence of Jesus Christ (and their Pharisees condemnation of him — heck, it says in the Talmud that they hung him, lynched him, lol ) that would be poetic justice for them, as they routinely call for the heads of the holoco$t “deniers” in those kosher dungeons in their vassal state, the Prison Republic of Germany (Gefängnisrepublik Deutschland) which recently delivered nuclear submarines to their true Herr, der Judenstaat. Nobody would give a damn about you denying all the people who died in the Soviet Union (or wartime “ally”. Aren’t we judged by the company we keep?) or Armenia or the communist revolution in China (some say 1 out of 10 Chinese murdered). Apparently in this sick kosher world Jewish lives have more value. Wasn’t it Meir Kahane who referred to Palestianians as cock roaches? Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was recently quoted as saying that “Gentiles exist only to serve Jews.” Do not expect protest of this statement from this site. I may have philosophical disagreements with the self-chosen but I am not a vulgar bastard who would go around saying that Jews should serve my ethnic group. I say down with this “god’s choseness” BS. ‘god’ (lower case) may be the Jewish egregore (please look up the word) but GOD is the creator of all and sorry Shlomo, it created us all in ITS image. Please get with the 21st century. Perhaps the publisher of this blog will someday face a jail sentence for denying the existence of Jesus Christ. That will be the day when Jews are thrown in prisons for being Christ deniers. What’s the difference? Answer- who holds the power.’ Jews might want to moderate their position on sending holoco$t deniers to the dungeon and crowing over it. History shows that the tables have turned on many occassions and that those who were at the top suddenly found themselves on the bottom. A word to the wise but I’m afraid that Chutzpah will make their eyes and ears oblivous to it.

  3. alanbstardmp says:

    how can he be a hater, and does it matter, if the forensic science showed the truth? Simply replicate the tests

  4. Some corrections:
    1. I am not “looking for a permanent home.” I have one.
    2. In my book “Resistance is Obligatory” I do not present “the ‘uncensored inside story’ of [my] 1995 conviction in Germany […], [my] flight from Germany to avoid serving [my] sentence, and [my] subsequent attempts to enter and settle in the United States.” The book reproduces my defense speech made, and a number of pertinent documents introduced, during my trial in 2006/2007 in Mannheim, Germany.
    3. During that trial, I was not indicted or sentenced for “inciting racial hatred,” but for “inciting the masses” allegedly committed by my book “Lectures on the Holocaust” (http://tinyurl.com/87wbbfq) and promotional material for it.
    4. My book “Resistance Is Obligatory” is readily available at http://tinyurl.com/6ucasow
    5. Most revisionist books can be downloaded for free at http://holocausthandbooks.com, so no excuses, please.
    Germar Rudolf

    • Mr. Rudolf, two of your points are directly contradicted by statements on your own website. Regarding your indictment and sentence, your own site includes a translation of the Stuttgart verdict against you which states: “The accused is sentenced for incitement of the people in conjunction with denigration of the memory of the dead, libel and incitement to racial hatred.” Regarding your living arrangements: After describing the death of your wife’s paternal grandfather, you state, “Hence I had no chance to settle into the home we had bought in 2005, as we moved out of it in early 2012. Now we are in Pennsylvania, trying to finally find a permanent home.” I have no reason to doubt that you have since found a permanent residence, but my post was accurate according to material your yourself had posted online.

      I described your book based on the promotional materials for it on the TBR website, as you can see from the link in my post. If those materials are inaccurate, well, I guess it won’t be the first time TBR got something wrong.

      Thanks for the reference to where I can obtain your new book online. I was already aware of the other Holocaust handbooks.

      • Mr. Tuchman, allow me to clarify the issues raised. The book is NOT about the 1994/1995 Stuttgart trial and verdict, but about the 2006/2007 Mannheim trial and verdict. The TBR website does not claim otherwise, as it mentions no 1995 verdict, but refers to a trial after my deportation in 2005. You can find the 2007 verdict here: http://tinyurl.com/bqeuhyb. It says nothing about racial hatred. As to TBR’s description of my “Resistance” book: it was taken from the book’s back cover, except for the last two sentences and the very first paragraph, which is a brief summary of my fate leading up to the book’s topic. It was added by TBR to enlighten the uninformed reader about me. The remaining 80% of the text is an accurate description of the book’s content, though. As to my living arrangements: you quoted out of context. I wrote: “In the meantime, my wife’s paternal grandfather had died and had left a house in Pennsylvania to her aunt, who wants to sell it to us. Hence I had no chance to settle into the home we had bought in 2005, as we moved out of it in early 2012. Now we are in Pennsylvania, trying to finally find a permanent home.” From this it is clear that we moved to Pennsylvania in order to move into my late grandfather-in-law’s house with the intention to make it our permanent home. The “trying” is in there because people like you keep pushing me around, foiling all attempts at being at home permanently anywhere.

  5. Thanks, Mr. Rudolf, rereading the TBR piece I see what you mean. Re your living arrangements, I don’t think I was quoting you out of context, but I may have misunderstood what you were trying to say. I will emend my posting on these points.

    As for whether you were convicted in 2007 for “inciting the masses” or “inciting racial hatred,” as far as I know in both cases you were convicted of having violated section 130 of the German criminal code, which prohibits inciting hatred against a specific national, racial, religious or ethnic group, and which tends to be shortened to “inciting racial hatred” in common parlance.

    On your last point, I’m sorry if you’re having a hard time settling down. But I’m not the one who chose to publish material that could run afoul of Germany’s anti-racism laws, or to flee the country rather than face the consequences; that was you. It was also your choice subsequently to continue publishing on topics that you knew had gotten you in legal trouble before. And you’re hardly the only immigrant to the US who has gotten the run around from the INS. Seems like most of your problems stem from your own choices and some bad luck with government bureaucracies, not from me or “people like me” (Jews? Bloggers?) pushing you around.

    • Mr. Tuchman, you fail to understand that when the state enacts laws which are unjust or which seek to silence the objective, documented and verifiable truth, it is the duty of all followers of Jesus Chist and the one true God to stand against and oppose such unjust laws. Mr. Rudolf is clearly bringing delight and pleasure to God for his integrity, his courage and his heroism and I salute him!

      Above the secular world is the kingdom of God whose justice is flawless. All laws which conflict with God’s revealed words of the Bible – both Old Testament and New are trumpted by God’s truth. Judgment Day will make this reality evident to all. We are now witnessing end times Bible prophecies being fulfilled in our lifetimes, so we can be quite confident that Judgment Day is not far off.

  6. Patty says:

    Germar Rudolf is another hero for truth & the integrity of scientific research. The Jews hate anyone not kissing their asses & licking their boots so keep up the good work Germar. The Jews live in darkness but we Gentiles hunger for the light, which you bring. History will be kind to you– think Galileo. Future generations will learn of the gigantic hoax called the “Holocaust”.

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