Mark Glenn’s new anti-Semitic broadcasting network

Mark Glenn

In recent weeks, Mark Glenn has made several upgrades to his operation over at The Ugly Truth podcast and blog. In the past he simply did a weekly podcast of a recorded conversation he had with a guest. Now he has turned the podcast into a broadcast, with the ability to include live calls from listeners. In addition, he has lined up a series of other bigots to host their own shows on what he has described as his “network:” Mark Dankof hosts “Mark Dankof’s America”, Keith Johnson hosts “Revolt of the Plebs,” and Jonathan Azaziah hosts “Mask of Zion Report.” Each of these hosts has already had an internet presence for quite a while; just search on their names to see their extensive histories of anti-Jewish statements. Also scheduled to host a show is Sammi Ibrahem. Glenn’s goal is to broadcast at least one show every day.

If Glenn is able to sustain this new operation, he will be entering an already crowded field of anti-Semitic broadcasting online. The Voice of Reason network hosts a stable of anti-Semitic commentators (including Mark Weber, Tom Sunic, Paul Fromm, Stan Hess, and Carolyn Yeager); and Republic Broadcasting hosts the likes of Hesham Tillawi, Michael Collins Piper, Deanna Spingola, and a bunch of others I’m less familiar with. The Rense Radio Network hosts David Duke and Jeff Rense. And don’t forget Press TV, whose anti-Semitism I have documented on this blog. These are just the networks; many other individual anti-Semites self-produce their own podcasts or broadcasts as well.

Speaking of Mark Glenn: In his May 28 show, Glenn went on for quite a while (around the 16-minute mark), about Jews manipulating world conflicts, claiming that contemporary Jews are ritualistically slaughtering non-Jews in order to propitiate their ancient tribal god, Yahweh. Regarding the recent massacre of women and children in Syria by the Assad regime, Glenn says:

What [the Jews are] really doing is celebrating [the massacre], because more gentiles have died, more Arabs have killed other Arabs, more Arabs have died. Let’s not forget, this is what the Jewish god demands. He demands the death of dumb animals. This is the Jewish ritualistic sacrifice; [it] used to be the Jews would take a ram or a goat or a bull and they would cut its throat and take the blood and splatter it all over the altar, and they would chop the body of that animal up into pieces and then they would build a fire on this altar and they would burn the body of the animal, and as it says in the bible, it would produce an “aroma pleasing to the Lord.” Well guess what folks? We have replaced and supplanted those sheep and goats and rams and bulls and all the rest of them. So when you see Syrians dying, that is Israel’s way of appeasing their god Yahweh. When you see Gazans dying, that is the sacrifice by which they please their god, Yahweh. When you see Iraqis and Afghanis dying — and if Israel gets her way when you see Iranians dying — this is what pleases her god.

Glenn then takes his usual line about the root of the “Jewish problem:”

All you need to do if you want to understand what drives these people and what makes them what they are is just to read their literature. Read their holy books….You don’t have to be a Hebrew scholar — the bible is the most well-sold and best-selling book in the world, year after year after year. That’s what’s so amazing about all of this, is that it’s been sitting there for thousands of years as an open secret, as a warning to the world, no different than a box of rat poison…that is what Judaism is as a product of its teachers, its rabbis — that is what it is, it is walking death.

Jonathan Azaziah

Later in the episode (around the 42-minute mark), Jonathan Azaziah called in and advocated the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel. “I believe with all of my heart,” he said, “that when Palestine is decolonized, every single Jew there, excluding the handful who fought alongside the Palestinians, should be expelled from there, and they should be left to rot in the middle of the wilderness where they belong.” Of course, Azaziah continued, because Jews would still dominate the media and international finance, “dismantling the criminal entity of Israel [will be]a great start but it won’t be the end.” Glenn couldn’t contain himself at that point, interjecting that even if the Jews were expelled from Israel, “They will just scurry off to some other locale, and they will use that as their base of operations for causing murder and mayhem against a different group of people.” Azaziah agreed. Glenn and Azaziah weren’t clear on what they would do to avoid this problem – Azaziah implied that all Jews should be forced to convert to Christianity or Islam – but the whole discussion is chilling.

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  1. Ezra Pound's Ghost says:

    Mark Glenn is an American patriot. Real, loyal Americans are waking up by the 10’s of thousands every day to what “Israel” is and what “Israel” represents (unmitigated Satanic, anti-Christ hatred of all things non-“Jewish”) and when Americans learn the details of what “Israel” has done to our once-great nation (USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard, Lavon bombings, “Israeli” foreknowledge of the Beirut barracks bombings, the endless espionage and betrayal….and let’s not forget the fact that 9/11 was a Zionist false-flag operation to spur the goyische golem to eliminate the “Jews'” “enemies”….) when American learn about these and other instances of rank “Jewish” criminality, Mark Glenn will be hailed by Americans as the American hero that he plainly is…..but not before they make “Israel” disappear forever under 10 million patriotic American bootheels. God Bless America, Mark Glenn and may Christ have mercy on the carnal, usurping, Satanic enemies of God and humanity who masquerade as “Jews.” Rabbinic Judaism and its associated racial-supremacist mania is the orginal crime against humanity.

  2. Tim says:

    The Broadcasters that you mention speak the absolute truth. You can’t hold back the truth, it will eventually surface. The lies of the jews (edomites) will be your downfall. I’ve read your Talmud and it stinks of Satanism.

    • mah29001 says:

      It’s so the obvious that you people are Jew-haters. I call a spade, a spade and I see a spade being a spade. So there fore you imbeciles whom are commenting into pretending you are denying that you are anti-Semites, but then promote comments like this one making you one is quite the exposure of your pathetic double-talk.

      I wonder if you’ll ever say the same thing about the Bible or the Koran being “Satanic” I bet you won’t you hypocrite.

  3. Mark Dankof says:

    Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman
    Director, Library and Research Center
    Assistant Director, Civil Rights Division
    Headquarters: The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith/New York
    Phone: 212-885-7859
    Fax: 212-885-5882

    Dear Rabbi Tuchman:

    I am saddened that you have not responded to my formal and cordial public invitation to appear on The Ugly Truth, and on Press TV, to be given an honest opportunity to have your concerns discussed and addressed in these forums.

    I simply repeat that open invitation here. There is no need to continue these anonymous posts on your JHate blog when those of us accused by you of various sins are open and willing to give you the forum and time you need to present your end of this ongoing debate. The First Amendment still lives in America, at least until the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith and its affiliated stooges from Coast to Coast manage its complete shredding and destruction.

    I cannot conclude anything from your clandestine, anonymous methods, other than the clear fact that in your heart you know that honest airing of concerns about Israel’s policies in the Middle East, their sordid campaign in the United States for the launching of an unjustified preemptive military strike on Iran, and the role of the Jewish Lobby in this country in facilitating a controlled news media and a bought-and-paid for electoral process, is exposing your own moral bankruptcy and that of your affiliates and assets worldwide.

    That exposure is largely due to Alternative Media. And this exposure means the eventual end of your shell game and that of the New World Order and the Zionist ideology that is its foundation.

    Again, I repeat my original invitation to Come Out of the Closet and Join Us.

    It is my hope that you leave this second open invitation on your blog. In the event it is removed, alternative means of documentation and distribution have already been arranged.


    Mark Dankof

    • Ben says:

      There isn’t any debate and it seems like the “No thanks” comment made earlier was a polite way of saying he is not going to have any conversations with you or your friends. Why don’t you talk about him, he’ll talk about you, and everyone can be much happier that way?

  4. GIANA says:

    yayyyyyyyyy MARK GLENN HIT A NERVE!!

  5. sam.r 2540 says:

    Found your articile quite informative, I understand that Mark Glenn has invited you to appear on his show. This should prove quite interesting if you should dare to do so.

  6. Digger says:

    Where is your strength of arguement? What are you actually saying? What points are you making, other than highlighting the words of honesty and Truth Mark and the team are expressing?

    You’re on the wrong side. It IS possible for you to switch sides. Please drop your identity. Please read Gilad Atzman’s latest book “The Wondering Who”. Move over to the Light/Truth.

  7. grosenberg says:

    I would very much appreciate you answering Mark Glenn on his show. Too often it appears that anything that anti-zionists say is answered with “You’re an anti-semite” or justified by history. I’d love to hear some of Mr. Glenn’s points addressed on his show

  8. TruthOutJournal says:

    Let’s face it, this is very good publicity for the Truth and the Heroes, and bad publicity for the liars and story tellers. The light is beginning to shine on them.
    If only the rabbi had any spine at all, he would debate Mr. Glenn. The problem for the rabbi is the truth. The more truth that is being exposed, the harder it will be for him to ever face Mr. Glenn.
    Can you Just Imagine the SCREECHING once the whole Holocaust truth and 911 is brought fourth? Can you? I think the rabbi can.
    There are going to be a lot of pissed off Americans out there. Especially those parents and friends that have lost loved ones because of their outright lies and deception.

  9. aj says:

    The long and massive history of Jewish criminality has now been made clear. I feel truly sorry for all the good Jewish people I knew growing up as they were surely no more than passive participants.

    • mah29001 says:

      And yet you anti-Semites claim that you are so immune to corruption…..nope, nope, nope people like you “cannot” turn a country into what became of Germany during WWII oh wait you people did.

  10. Rennie says:

    you have been given a body and a soul to command it. don’t waste your brief life on evil deeds. Your soul lives for eternity either in the fires of hell or in the relm of heaven. take a few minutes t-out to think about this other than worldy goals and desires. Life is short, eternity is a long time to be burning.

  11. joe says:

    It seems that the patriots of America like Dankof and others, riled up the “Rabbi-d” — It seems these “people” have placed to much emphasis on the American people staying asleep, while their country is slowly being usurped by the Zionist-Bolshevik Communists…

    The American people are awakening to the REAL Truths and Lies of the Zionist Occupied Regime in Israhell.

    Along with the newspaper article that Mark Dankof has posted on TUT, which shows that it was the Zionists who boycotted germany in 1933..this only goes to show that Germany had EVERY right to rid these parasites from his country…. Not only did the Zionists betray Hitler and Germany…they tried to starve out, demoralize, bankrupt, and takeover the VERY country who BEFRIENDED them!!

    So, when Hitler came to power, he of course wanted to rid his country of the parasites who tried to EXTERMINATE the GERMAN PEOPLE…Youll NEVER hear this PORTION OF HISTORY of Course!

    Another REVEALING Newspaper clipping from the early 20th century also shows how the 6 MILLION JEWS NUMBER, was actually used EVEN BEFORE HITLER was in POWER!! Many years before matter of fact…It seems this “6MILLION” number was a farce to begin with after all!!

    It’s all about guilt folks..the ZIONISTS betrayed their own in Germany– they let some suffer , so that Zionists can generate the sympathy needed to further their global Hegemony…

    Thank GOD that the American people, and the world are AWAKENING!! May the fate of the world be restored soon enough!

  12. delcroix says:

    good man mark …lots more can see ….keep up the great work 🙂

    • mah29001 says:

      Sure one can say how a Nazi cheered on Adolf for being a “good” German patriot.

  13. Dave says:

    Anti-Semite? Please define this word,Palestinians are Semites, Iranians are Semites and they invented the religion today called Judaism. Define Jew?

  14. equalizer says:

    Rabbi, my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, know what happened to me……..

  15. alanbstardmp says:

    Dave, exactly!

  16. equalizer says:

    Rabbi, Jonathon Azaziah’s mother is Jewish……I am 99% sure my father was Jewish (his mother’s name on the birth certificate appears to be Jewish); please DO NOT refer to us as self-hating Jews.

  17. Patty says:

    I’ll define anti-semite, according to the Jew. It is anyone unwilling to kiss the ass & lick the boots of the Jew. So whenever a Jew labels someone such, that person or organization may be the most decent, honest, courageous act in town.
    I am always thrilled to be in the company of Mark Glenn, Jonathan Azaziah, Mark Dankoff, Keith Johnson, Ken O’Keefe, etc. They are heroic alpha males who make me feel safe. And Deanna Spingola is an angel of truth & justice.

  18. Bill says:

    It seems the Rabbi is Anti Gentile and Anti Christian….

    I read nothing but the truth. I do hope he accepts Marks invitation to appear on TUT.

  19. Destroyer says:

    The following quote was taken from “Hitler Speaks: A Series of Political Conversations With Adolf Hitler on His Real Aims” By Hermann Rauschning, 1st edition, 1939
    “Leave the hair-splitting to others. Whether it’s the Old Testament or the New, or simply the sayings of Jesus, it’s all the same old Jewish swindle. It will not make us free. A German church, a German Christianity is a distortion. One is either a German or a Christian. You cannot be both.”

  20. BDL1983 says:

    AntiSemitism is a disease. And you catch it from Jews!

  21. lance watson says:

    Patty add Christopher Jon Bjerknes to your list of heroic alpha males. He unravelles the talmudic prophetic myths and show how they are being fulfilled. See….. The Jewish Year 6000: The “Duration of the World” and

    And this is what its all about.. Why is Monsanto messing with our food, why is depleted uranium being used, why are our children being poisoned with vaccines? As Above, So Below!” The Jews Are Out to Destroy the Guardian Angels of the Goyim

  22. fnn says:

    What you should tell us is how Glenn supports his wife and NINE children. THAT would be really informative.

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