“Anonymous” attacks US extremist websites, alleges Ron Paul link

The Internet hacking group “Anonymous” has decided to join the fight against right-wing extremism. Deutche Welle and PC Magazine report that last month, elements of the loosely-knit confederation of super-hackers set their sites on German neo-Nazi and right-wing extremist groups, especially the NPD, and have set up a German-language website dedicated to revealing confidential information hacked from NPD accounts, including the names of donors and the real names of individuals writing for extremist publications under pseudonyms.

They then they took their fight one step further, and reportedly took down the website of the American Nazi Party and the affiliated site, White Honor, though both those sites have since returned to the Internet.

Anonymous’ latest hits are on a group that is particularly close to my heart, American Third Position. As of this writing, the main website of the group is down; its owners have apparently responded by redirecting its URL to the website of Merlin Miller, A3P’s candidate for US President in 2012 (yes, they have a presidential candidate). A huge amount of information on A3P’s Jamie Kelso has now been posted on the “Good Night White Pride” website. Anonymous has reported that they have evidence that Ron Paul, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination for a 2012 presidential run, met with A3P’s board of directors. If this is true, it is an explosive revelation. I haven’t looked at the evidence for this yet, but it is already circulating on some news sites, though it has not yet made the national press. (Allegations that Ron Paul has links to white supremacist groups have been out there for years, and the controversy over his newsletters, which in the past have contained extremist content, is well known.) Of course the extremists themselves are blaming Anonymous’ activities on Jews.

Although I also fight extremism and anti-Semitism by publishing information on this blog about the activities and ideas of extremists, I do not support illegal activity or hacking. I post information I find online or in printed materials; I do not try to hack websites. (In any case, I have no idea how to do that.)

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9 Responses to “Anonymous” attacks US extremist websites, alleges Ron Paul link

  1. A3P is “close to your heart” eh? I bet…

    Look, don’t you see that if ‘Anonymous’ is hacking into A3P’s website and other White Nationalist sites – then it must surely be Jews behind it?

    Or who are we supposed to believe that ‘Anonymous’ is?

    Who else would do such a thing?

    BTW – why do you post my comments and then not bother to reply to me?

    • “Close to my heart” in the sense that I find the group particularly interesting among all the anti-Semites that I look at.

      Re Jews being behind the attack: Surely there are many other minority groups and white people of good will who don’t like A3P.

      I post your comments but don’t respond because although I usually like to let people have a chance to articulate their views, I’m not interested in turning this blog into a forum for debate. And I’m sure that neither of us could convince the other anyway.

    • mah29001 says:

      It’s strange that someone would accuse someone of exposing anti-Semitism of the A3P “being close to them” yet on your own blog you praise the American Free Press when it states the holocaust is a hoax. I rest my case that you are an anti-Semite and a Jew-hater.

  2. You seem to love this word “White Supremacist” to refer to any white person who is proud of their heritage and fights against the muliticulturalism system, which has the obvious intent of (eventually) creating a world where no white children are born and white people are stuffed exhibits in some anthropological museum. There are no neo-Nazis in Germany. Anyone who shows a swastika or spews Nazi propaganda will be rounded up by the authorities quite quickly. I have been called a “White Supremacists” by the “self-chosen” but I have no desire to lord over other racial groups. I like the majority of people of my mindset just wish to “drop out” of the destructive multicultural totalitarian system, which we were never allowed to choose through a democratic vote. If multiculturalism is so good why must it be enforced with rifles (National Guards), clubs and totalitarian legislation? I know it’s “anti-semitic” to say it but I’d rather be right than be pro-semitic. The best case of racial supremacism I know of is being carried out by Jews (I do not blame all Jews because many oppose this ie the moral (still) minority of Jews) in Palestine. In this documentary film “Tears of Palestine” you can see (certain) Jews wantonly kill Palestinian civilians with planes, bombs and tanks. I will have to show this to my kids and tell them “This is Judaism”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbDbtZvYVno&feature=email “Anti-semitism” must be defined as anything which Jews do not like, regardless of whether it is true or not. If you can watch this video through without crying you obviously have no heart. Regarding the the “Anonymous” attack on the American 3rd Position, it is good that the owner of this blog is against terrorist attacks. Law breaking carried out in the pursuance of a political goal is defined as terrorism. I was among the victims of the A3P attack, whose political message is weakly pro-White at best but never against any other racial group. Actually I gave up on the A3P months ago because of censorship issues on its message boards. How ironic that this blog does not censor! Now that my name, address and phone number are up, I give the blog the pleasure of calling me for a pleasant chat (seriously). Jews, of course, are not a racial group. The idea of a semitic race (as well as any Aryan race) was debunked by the American Anthropological associate nearly a century ago. Semitic (like Aryan) refers to a language family. Likewise saying that a person is a native speaker of English is not a racial matter either. Nowadays the English in England are only a tiny percentage of native English speakers. The majority of native English speakers are non-white (Indian, Caribbean, African, etc) There are Jews of every race. Indeed in my travels I have met a black Jew as well as Jews who look more “Aryan/Nordic” than me. Talk about some cute blond haired kids! Saying there is a Christian or Muslim race is just as retarded. And if you think all Jews are Israel fans (ie Zionists) you are dead wrong. Go to You Tube and you can find videos of Zionist Jews beating up non-Zionist Jews (jewsnotzionists.org). I definitely can’t blame these decent people for the atrocities and crimes against humanity carried out by Jews in Israel. We must reject the term anti-semite because it is a term used only to retard normal conversation. As moral men and women we must evaluate a statement on whether it is true or false. Statements called “anti-semitic” may be either true or false. I will be called anti-semitic if I say that Jews are aliens from a planet in the Crab Nebula just as I will be called an anti-semite for saying “the Talmud says that Jesus is burning in hell in boiling excrement.”. Obviously the first statement is false while the second is true. But since they are both denounced as anti-semitic it is obvious that anti-semitic is not a measure of truth. Anti-semite and anti-semitic are just the Jewish way of saying “a$$hole”.

  3. JoeAdams says:

    So you’re probably an advocate of SOPA too right? The Anonymous Klan is doing exactly what the government wanted to do except they can’t get caught! They’re anonymous! Not everybody who cares about their own race before the other races is a “right-wing extremist.” Hell, I am a huge advocate of White-First philosophy and I can not stand far right politics.

    Do you also advocate accessory to identity theft?

    Lets be honest here, you know the problems, we know the problems and people are sick and tired of it. The tentacles of the system are going to have to siphon onto something else.

  4. john king says:

    Obviously there is nothing for us to debate on this subject. You condemn illegal activity and so do I. Likewise I would be incensed if someone violated your privacy. And on a comic note, I like you would have no idea even how to hack a website. There’s that expression, “You can’t teach an old dog a new trick.” I would, however, be open to discussing the “commonplace” terms of “white supremacism” and “anti-semitism”. There is not a white supremacist bone in my body. Anyone showing up with black slaves in chains at my house and saying, “Hey, John, here’s your slaves for your ‘King Plantation’.” would get nothing more from me than a call to the police. I will say that white “aryan” and white “semitic” businessmen who exploit colored people in their sweatshops in Indonesia, Taiwan, Mexico, etc are the true white supremacists of our age. Donald Trump comes to mind. His religious persuasion does not matter to me. Whether he praises Jesus or spins the dreidel does not matter. Sociologists would probably concede that all cultures think theirs is #1. Nobody on the planet thinks their culture is worthless. I used to believe that but I think making statements of whose culture is better than another is worthless and purely subjective. It only breeds hate and resentment in the minds of others. “Master Race” and “Chosen People” are really one in the same. “Chosen People” is a little more clever because you can always blame a fictional deity for doing the “choosing”. Nietzsche: “If horses had gods they’d look just like horses” I personally feel that God has a plan for my life but I am loathe to say it publicly. Yes, God chose me for a purpose but it’s between me and Him. I feel that Islamic culture is superior to America’s in that they forbid alcohol, homosexuality and usury, which some say are the three pillars of “modern Judaic rule.” I can see why the zionist Jewish establishment wants to destroy Iran so badly. Again, I do not use a broad brush stroke to defame all Jews. I’ll leave the defamation to misnamed (anti) Defamation League. They’re really good at that. But those of the Neo-Con — Zioinist — supremacist bent and their gentile fellow travelers (useful idiots) need to be removed from power (and given a fair trial) for the health and sanity of this planet. Their day is coming to an end. I have already seen the light at the end of the tunnel. When we are all kids we blew up balloons. We’d blow and blow until the balloon would burst. Conspirators have been blowing hard on the Anglo-American-Zionist balloon for a long time. When it bursts this system will come to a swift end. Revenge is going to be in the minds of the current victims so it is imperative that the decent Jews of the world try to free the minds of their co-religionists before this time. I mean this in all sincerity. Those who condemn crimes will never have to answer for them. And I don’t want to see all Jews blamed for the misdeeds of a small minority even if all White people are blamed for the crimes of Kristopher Columbus or the white slave owning minority of the antebellum south or the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz. Regarding blaming “Anonymous” activity on the “Jews”, what do you expect when it says on the hacked page that they donated money to the ADL. That doesn’t prove Jews did it true, but if someone hacked a site and said they donated money to the KKK, what would people think?

  5. mah29001 says:

    wRONg Paul is affiliated with neo-Nazis and white supremacists, they’re too dumb to ignore their own comments when they comment online! What do you think about the Mitt Romney campaign flirting with the idea to have A Paul as a Vice President? I do not care if it’s wRONg or Rand, they’re both wrong for America.

  6. Patty says:

    This Jewish supremacist rabbi hates anyone and everything not under Jewish control. Period. Groups like the ADL provide endless entertainment for all independent thinking people. They have become a laughing stock to so many & I sure love to laugh.

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