Israel Shamir calls Spanish Holocaust denier a “wonderful man”

Pedro Varela with David Duke

Israel Shamir, a Jewish convert to Christianity who espouses medieval-style anti-Judaism but who defends himself by claiming he is merely an anti-Zionist, called my attention to an article in in the Spanish newspaper El Pais about Pedro Varela. Varela is a right-wing extremist in Spain who denies the Holocaust and venerates Hitler. He has been in prison since late 2010, when he was convicted of disseminating Holocaust denial.

In his introduction to the article, Shamir reveals that Varela is his Spanish-language publisher. He calls him a “wonderful man” and insists that all the charges against Varela are merely “political accusations.”

David Duke also calls Varela “a good friend,” and the two of them conducted a book tour in Spain in 1987 to promote Duke’s blatantly anti-Semitic book, Jewish Supremacism. Varela also facilitated a notorious speech by David Irving in Spain in 2007 (see Irving’s account of the speech here and here), and eventually became Irving’s Spanish-language publisher.

It is hardly necessary to adduce any more proof of Israel Shamir’s anti-Semitism, but his lauding of Pedro Varela and use of him as his publisher is just one more bit of damning evidence.

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5 Responses to Israel Shamir calls Spanish Holocaust denier a “wonderful man”

  1. john king says:

    So, you, the owner of this blog think it’s great that someone should be sent to jail because they don’t believe in the “Holocaust Relgion”? I haven’t believed in the story of the gas chambers for 20 years and I’ve written many articles on such. I have never threatened anyone. So, how many years should I get in jail … 5, 10, 20? This is TALMUDIC justice, the same kind that Jesus Christ suffered under during his kangaroo court trial in front of Pharisees. I thought jails were for people who were a danger to to other people such as rapists, murders, robbers, arsonists, etc. This Talmudic justice which makes “Holocaust Denial” illegal and punishable is just a return to the Spanish inquisition where people were burnt at the stake for doubt the “virgin birth” or the Jesus “rose from the dead”, etc. I don’t doubt than many Jews died under the National Socialists and I have never said that life in a Nazi concentration camp was like Club Med but the gas chamber stories are not based in reality. All the researchers and forensic scientists (like Germar Rudolf) who investigate the alleged “gas chambers” always seem to be imprisoned or murdered. Jefferson told us how to differentiate a lie from the truth. A lie needs to be propped up. The truth stands on its own. That the author of this blog supports prison for people who have honest doubts about these holocaust claims shows that she is a Jewish Supremacist. I am Christian but I believe she has every right to say that Jesus did not exist without threat of reprisal, loss of her job and jail time. Those who take umbrage to use of the term “Holocaust Religion” should buy Gilad Atzmon’s new book “The Wandering Who?” (2011) and turn to page 148. Racial Supremacism, whether Jewish supremacism in Israel or the “Jim Crow” White Supremacism formerly in the US, is wrong and immoral. No group of people has the right to rule over another. Get the truth at savewhitepeople (dot) com and listen to The White Voice live every Wednesday at 8pm. I do not blame all Jews for Jewish Supremacism but if the better and moral members of the Jewish community would condemn the racists and supremacists among their own community, we could end anti-semitism very fast. It is not a revolutionary statement to say that no piece of history may be put off limits from investigation. The truth does not fear investigation. Only the lie does.

    • Ben says:

      Hi sweetheart, it seems you don’t have much grasp of the facts, starting with your tying Varela having his ass thrown into jail as something the author of this blog is A) in favor of or B) obliged to take a strong position about. I can see why a Nazi-lover like you would be upset about Varela being imprisoned or ignore that this post was about the bond between two equally disgusting people in Varela and I. Shamir. I just don’t feel your approach should pass uncommented. Oh, and you don’t belong in jail: being bigoted, stupid and clueless are sad afflictions in the U.S., not necessariliy crimes.

  2. Jett Rucker says:

    Varela is IN JAIL for publishing and selling books.

    The Inquisition is alive and well in Spain (and much of the rest of Europe).

  3. I did not write that Varela should be imprisoned.

  4. Patty says:

    The Holocaust is a hoax, a lie, whose only purpose is for the Jews to wage a psychological war against the Gentile world. 9/11 was a false flag operation planned & executed by Israel & elements in US govt. for the purpose of waging war against the Jews endless list of Gentile enemies, in this case the Moslem world. The Mossad motto is ” by way of deception, we will wage war”. The Jews excel at deception. Personally, I don’t think they are capable of telling the truth.

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