Congratulations Lynx and Lamb

The Gaede Twins in 2007

According to a report on Good Morning America, the twin sisters who comprised the white power music duo, Prussian Blue, have renounced white supremacism. They started their band when they were twelve years old, after having been home-schooled by their mother, neo-Nazi April Gaede. For years they were the darlings of the worldwide white supremacist movement, and they publicly expressed both their admiration for Adolf Hitler and their contention that the Holocaust was a myth. Today, however, after suffering from several serious health problems, the now-19-year-old women have repudiated their old belief system. That’s a hard thing to do, especially since making this change probably alienated them from many of the people in their lives. Congratulations, Lynx and Lamb. I have great respect for what you’ve done.

Update: Apparently, discussions about the Gaede twins’ personal growth have been burning up the white supremacist message boards. The administrators of Stormfront have deleted all threads on the subject. Over at VNN, a lengthy thread includes several posts from April Gaede, including this one, in which she claims that her daughters’ beliefs have not changed as much as the media are claiming. That’s certainly possible. Many white supremacists insist that they respect all races and religions even while promoting their racist beliefs, and the twins’ statements could be interpreted in that manner. But Juju Chang, who did the Good Morning America story, seems to have had some extensive conversations with the girls, and for now I’m going to trust her presentation of their views.

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5 Responses to Congratulations Lynx and Lamb

  1. John King says:

    I think that the girls’ change of heart is just PR. They do have talent (some at least — I may have listened to one video of theirs in the last few years) and in order to get into the bigger world of recording and record distribution, which is overwhelmingly Jewish owned, they had to grovel, for lack of a better word. I find your use of the word “white supremacists” to be offensive because there is not a single white group out there that believe in “racial supremacism”, the doctrine of one race lording over another. Jewish supremacism is alive and well in Palestine, where the Jews rule over and dispossess the native people, the Palestinians. Pro-White groups in America and Europe are best described as “white nationalist” meaning they seek autonomy, self-determination and geographic separation from other racial groups. Certainly as the owner of I do not know of anyone who wants to lord over the black man or the red man, etc. We just desire freedom to run our own affairs and seek our own destiny, unencumbered from other racial groups including your Jewish group. I equally support the right of all other ethnic groups to have such autonomy and self-determination. Some people talk about freeing Tibet but I talk about freeing all including the group I belong to. To be against such a moral idea one must be a racial supremacist.

  2. Jett Rucker says:

    The twins, along with being (inaccurately) described as racists/haters are ALSO described as having had (been taught) doubts about the regnant Holocaust mythology.

    The abcnews article about their repentance parrots the video on every point except one: the newswoman mentions that the twins CONTINUE to doubt aspects of the Holocaust mythology while they (make a public show of) reject their former separatist, white-nationalist viewpoints they were taught to parrot.

    Interesting, that that SINGLE point should not have made it into the write-up. Anyway, the distinction between Holocaust revisionism and racism/anti-Semitism is rarely shown as clearly as this case shows it. It also gives the lie to their mother’s explanation that the girls are “just trying to fit in.” If they were, they’d embrace the Holocaust mythology, too.

  3. Krystal says:

    Why is it only racist if White people want to preserve their heritage and culture? But it is ok if all other groups want to do it.
    If White countries want to stop the massive flow of illegal immigration it is racist. But if non-White countries like Japan, China, India, or Saudi Arabia want strict immigration policies it is ok.
    I would love to hear the excuses that people in the media and at the SPLC and the NAACP and the ADL would have to say about this.
    Why shouldn’t White rights matter?

    You can call it multiculturalism, you can call it diversity, you can call it tolerance, you can call it whatever you want. But It is, in fact, deliberate, demographic, genocide.

    Why are you always justifying white geNOcide for my fellow white citizens?
    Non-whites have their own countries,but you anti-whites are always demanding us whites have to give away our countries to non-whites and blend ourselves out of existence.

  4. Palmer says:

    White and proud?! Must be neo-Nazis.

    Also, supremacism isn’t a word.

  5. Hebrew National says:

    I wonder if they really have rethought their belief system. BTW, I’d like to hit the two of them with a Hebrew national and see if they can love other races.

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