Conviction upheld for Holocaust-denying bishop

Hot off the presses: A German court has upheld the conviction of SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson for defaming the memory of the dead and inciting racial hatred, though it lowered the fine he must pay. No reaction yet from the anti-Semitic community, but much fulminating about the Zionist lobby is likely to ensue. Ingrid Rimland Zundel posted a meandering essay about Williamson two days ago on the Veterans Today website.

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3 Responses to Conviction upheld for Holocaust-denying bishop

  1. Thomas Mallon says:

    Aye, but the Court lowered the fine. Williamson’s excommunication was lifted by Benedict XVI. The Holocaust is a matter of history not Faith.

  2. My Sweet God! Doesn’t ANYBODY but me react to this Jewish Nazi garbage!?!?!? How long are these THIEVES and LIARS going to rule our world!?!?!? The “Holocaust” is a Jew lie, just like 9/11!!! When are the PEOPLE going to WAKE UP and TAKE BACK THEIR PLANET!?!?!? Daniel Gilfry, C.A.M.P. – Intl Freedom Party

  3. Keilah says:

    Number one, please leave G-d’s name out of your hate mongering.
    Number Two – just exactly where did the photo’s and the documentation on the holocaust come from?
    Number Three – Just why did the last two World Wars happen then?
    Number Four – Just where did you obtain your information?
    Number Five – It is everyone’s planet as long as G-d allows it, come to terms with it, deal with it! When G-d decides he’s had enough it will end.
    Number Six – Write a letter to the pope and ask him to take all of the statues out of the churches, they violate Deuteronomy 4:16.
    Number Seven – Were all of the pics of the holocaust faked? I doubt it.

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