SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson explains court strategy

Traditionalist Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, who faces charges in a German court of inciting racial hatred over his public denial of the Holocaust, announced in a letter to supporters [on the Dinoscopus mailing list] that he would not try to defend the truth of his statements in court. Rather, his defense would be based on the argument that his remarks “were self-evidently in no way intended for a German audience, and thus the German law did not apply to [his] situation.” The German press agency DPA had recently quoted Bishop Williamson’s former lawyer as saying that the bishop intended to argue in German court that his statements were factually true (i.e. he would repeat in court his contention that the Holocaust never happened).

Bishop Williamson’s defense may well not hold up in court. There is precedent for German courts upholding their right to prosecute any case where Holocaust denial was made accessible to German citizens, even if the actual statements were made outside Germany and in a foreign language. We saw this in the case of Fredrick Toben in late 2000, and the principle was reaffirmed in 2007 with the conviction of Ernst Zundel in Germany, partially for web content that was posted outside the country. [Correction 07/12/2011: German news sources are reporting that Bishop Williamson’s interview with Swedish TV took place in Germany. That made his defense much weaker, I think. I’m not surprised the court upheld his conviction.]

If convicted, Bishop Williamson may be forced to pay a fine; I don’t think the prosecutors are asking for prison time.

Bishop Williamson is a member of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), which has a history of promoting anti-Semitism. The bishop’s own anti-Semitic comments have been documented as well.

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4 Responses to SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson explains court strategy

  1. amband says:

    Williamson was right. Nought to do with anti semitism

    • Me says:

      Of course not, nothing to do with anti-semitism, just like the opinions of his friends David Irving and Michele Renouf.
      I particularly enjoyed watching him explain how you couldn’t cram millions of human beings inside a gas chamber, even if they had no clothes, because of the physical properties of the execution gas.

      The catholic church is becoming a joke.

  2. Philip says:

    I send my children to a St Pius X school and I couldn’t be happier with the education and the priests. However, there are quite a few among the laity who have been seduced by the anti-semitism of Richard Williamson. They seem to believe the Jews were collectively responsible for The Illuminati, the French Revolution and communism and lots more. Recently the old Ashkenazim are Khazars and not real Jews has been doing the rounds via email. I’ve spent hours composing emails refuting it.

    Williamson has certainly caused some real harm to the society and hopefully he will be got rid of. His consecration as a bishop was a bad mistake and harmful for The Church but he’s not the first episcopal disaster. On the liberal side there’s Bernadin, Mahoney and plenty of others.

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