Bradley Smith promotes neo-Nazi Carolyn Yeager

It’s been pointed out before that one of Bradley Smith’s close associates, Carolyn Yeager, is a neo-Nazi. Smith underwrites Yeager’s website, he constantly promotes her work, and they even send out joint propaganda (for a good example of all this, see page 5 of Bradley Smith’s November 2010 newsletter). Recently Smith promoted an episode of Yeager’s radio show in which she read extensively from Nazi commander Heinrich Himmler and advocated that people who are not “useful members of society” be rounded up and put in concentration camps. She prefaced that by saying that “freedom should not be our highest virtue at all.”

In another recent show, Yeager said: “I’m not one who believes that we can live with any large number of Jews with all the freedoms that they want to have in our gentile societies….Jews are an enemy to gentile society — I mean that’s very strong, and people really aren’t prepared to hear that, or to repeat it — but I think it’s true…”

Smith constantly talks about how he has nothing against Jews and is only interested in freedom of inquiry, but if that’s true, why does he work so closely with Nazi-quoting anti-Semite Carolyn Yeager?

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  1. Jett Rucker says:

    I’ve never noted Smith to promote, or even permit, anti-Semitism or anti-any group on his Web site or publications.

    So, why does he carry Yeager? Maybe (just thinking, here) he thinks Wiesel is working a long-term, large-scale scam here, and that Yeager is presenting likely, or true, FACTS, whatever her motivations..

    If you think people only act out of motivations of hatred, maybe you should pause a moment and inspect your OWN motivations.

    • Keilah says:

      Seventy years down the road and some still cling to the mind boggling idea that one person is superior over another – just exactly what happens when a person dies???? Where do you end up????? Now would you like for someone to come back seventy years from now and erect a new headstone that reads murderer on your grave? Probably not. It can happen though. Revenge is a pretty strong emotion and I’ve seen it happen, but you know what the most powerful emotion on the planet is???? HATE? What does it really get the common person in the end??? Not one thing, everything you’ve worked for or bought will be recycled and given to someone else in the future, so why do humans keep trying to make their own species extinct??? Another ridiculous emotion that gets us into trouble is that green-eyed monster called jealousy, though quite useless, it fuels many a flame. Think you’ve heard these words before? There’s is a published book that lists each and every one, pretty graphic book that tells you the folly of making one very magnificent one
      angry. In this book he states that he controls all souls, each and every one. Don’t think because some get away with murder that it makes it okay for the whole of the population, because you can be he is watching. Funny thing is about some family lines, they don’t really exist, but others they are in this wonderful book and they will always exist because HE is merciful. The sooner everyone get’s over it and deals with it, the better.

  2. Why is trying to find out the truth; what exactly the truth is classified as “HATE”?

    Why is pointing out in an honest way that SOMEONE ELSE is lying through their teeth classified as “HATE”?

    When an expert in the field of the construction and operation of gas-chambers states the plain facts regarding an event within his area of expertise – why do you sir ASSUME that his motive is HATRED of Jews? If you were honest with yourself sir, you would see that is not the case.

    Wake up Mr. JHate… and smell the Zyklon B!

    That’s right! That’s what I said!

    It was basically bug-spray – Zyklon B you know? For lice, see? National Socialists used the Zyklon to SAVE the lives of those in the camps (who were not ONLY Jews) because the lice spread typhus, see? And this is how you all repay them?

    This is “defaming the memory of the dead,” saying that they did these things when they really didn’t Mr. JHate. But you don’t care about them do you? Because they weren’t ‘Jewish’.

    Have you heard of Fred Leuchter? Of course you have.

    It’s writings such as yours here that makes US (the Goyim) think that you must all be in on it. Are you in on it?

    Or do you honestly believe in the “6 million” and the “homicidal gas chambers”? I don’t hate you sir… I just want you to tell me – do you really believe it or do you just go along with it because you have to?

    With sincerity,

  3. The T-4 Euthanasia Program

    In the fall of 1939 the German government established, under the Reich Chancellery, the Euthanasie Programme under the direction of Philip Bouhler and Dr. Karl Brandt. The headquarters of the operation were at Tiergartenstrasse 4, Berlin and the code name for the program was derived from that address—T-4.

    The choice of terminology for the program is consistent with the Nazis’ penchant for euphemism. Euthanasia typically means “mercy killing” and in the 1990’s in the United States and other western nations, it is synonymous with “physician-assisted suicide.” The kind of killing carried out through the T-4 program bears little resemblance to contemporary concepts of euthanasia.

    Hitler’s rise to power produced a completely new set of definitions. Guided by the over-riding principles of racial hygiene, racial purity, and national health, the Nazi regime seems fairly consistently committed to the removal of those unfit to live and produce inferior offspring. In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws provided for the forced sterilization of the unfit. Not only did Hitler have in mind such “inferior races” as Jews and Gypsies, he also included unfit Aryans—the mentally defective, severely handicapped, the incurably insane and the incurably sick.

    To implement the euthanasia program, special carbon-monoxide chambers were constructed. According to Milton Meltzer:

    Between December 1939 and August 1941, about 50,000 to 60,000 Germans—children and adults—were secretly killed by lethal injections or in gassing installations designed to look like shower stalls. It was a foretast of Auschwitz. The victims were taken from the medical institution and put to death…. (Never to Forget, New York:HarperCollins, 1976:131.)

    Of the number of people killed in the T4 and the 14f13 projects, the following statistics are usually given: adult mental patients from institutions, 80,000 to 100,000; children in institutions, 5,000; special action against Jews in institutions, 1,000; concentration camp inmates transported to killing centers (14f13), 20,000 (Klee estimated that at the end of 1941, some 93,521 `beds’ had been emptied for other uses [70,000 patients gassed, plus over 20,000 dead through starvation and medication] – in other words approximately one-third of the places for the mentally ill.) But these figures may well be too low; twice these numbers of people may have perished. The fact is that we do not know and shall probably never know. Elements of deception, imposed chaos, and the destruction of many records make anything like an accurate estimate impossible.

    The same is true concerning the total number of people murdered at specific killing centers. Hartheim victims of both ordinary `euthanasia’ and 14f13 are variously estimated from 20,000 (by Dr. Georg Renno, Lonauer’s successor as director), to 400,000 (by Franz Ziereis, the former commandant of Mauthausen, on his deathbed); 30,000 is believed to be the best estimate. While these figures may seem unimpressive when placed next to the millions killed in the Final Solution, they represent the murder of shockingly large numbers of people—all in places characterized as hospitals.” (The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide. London: Papermac, 1986 (Reprinted 1990) p. 142)

    • Sector 19 says:

      In other words, it’s all fact because you can quote where someone claimed it in a book. Apparently you have no idea what empirical evidence is. Those texts have been disproved many times over.

      “(…) they represent the murder of shockingly large numbers of people”
      – If you want to talk about large number of dead people that actually WERE murdered by their fanatical government, take a look next door at the tens of millions murdered under the Judeo-Bolshevic genocide of the ethnic Russian population before, during and after WWII.

      • Ben says:

        Sorry for the correction, but you were so close to being accurate in your post that I wanted to say that the world in between “been” and “many” is, in factual terms, “proved” and not “disproved”. And nice dodge to try and let Stalin, or for that matter your good friend Hitler, off the hook. For future reference, please refrain from assuming that people who don’t agree with your insane lack of logic are stupid.

  4. Empress Trudy says:

    So you’re shocked that a holocaust denier promotes Nazis? Why?

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