E. Michael Jones, the newest anti-Semite on Iranian TV

E. Michael Jones

Press TV, the English-language TV channel sponsored by the Iranian government, has now roped another noted anti-Semite into its stable of news commentators: Eugene Michael Jones, a traditionalist Catholic who edits the extremist monthly, Culture Wars. So far Jones has appeared twice on Press TV. By the standards of Press TV — which promotes the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (hat tip: ModernityBlog) and alleges that Jews harvest gentile organs — Jones’ commentary has been rather mild. In his debut interview he claimed that the Israel lobby determines the outcomes of US elections, and a few days later he said that lobby forces the US to put the interests of Israel ahead of the good of American citizens. Yawn.

If Jones wanted to, he could spin anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Press TV with the best of them. Eugene Michael Jones is known to analysts of anti-Semitism as E. Michael Jones, a publisher of anti-Semitic traditionalist Catholic books and periodicals since the early 1980s. Jones believes that Jews have worked tirelessly throughout history to undermine Christian societies, and he has devoted thousands of pages of his magazine to mapping these alleged Jewish plots across the millennia in minute detail. (He helpfully put it all into a 1,200-page book called The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.) No need to rehash Jones’ entire story here; ADL has an excellent entry on him.

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

What’s interesting to me about his appearances on Press TV is that Jones is one of the last guys I would have pegged for an anti-Israel-lobby talking head. Not because he doesn’t believe that Jews are controlling Washington (of course they do!), but because his anti-Semitism is so fundamentally linked to his Catholicism. It is weird hearing Jones inveighing against the Israel lobby without breaking into discussions of Logos or citing Thomas Aquinas or John Chrysostom. Jones believes that Jews are revolutionaries and subversives because that is the role they play in his unusual theological worldview. Take away the theological component and he sounds just like any of the dozens of John Mearsheimer knockoffs polluting the Internet with their tired warnings about the dangers of the Israel lobby.

I don’t know, maybe Jones just wanted to be on television. If so, he has found a good home with fellow anti-Semites Mark Dankof, Mark Glenn, Paul Sheldon Foote, and others on Press TV.

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7 Responses to E. Michael Jones, the newest anti-Semite on Iranian TV

  1. alan b'stard M P says:

    Jews do harvest organs. There have been well know instances of it. You tube it

  2. Heidi Rechteger says:

    Wait! He forgot to add that we poisoned the wells so all of Europe contracted Bubonic Plague. And killing Christian babies to use their blood in making matzah. What about that oldie but goodie, the Jewish-Communist-Banking conspiracy? This guy is woefully behind in his Jew-bashing; time to catch up.

  3. Percy says:

    A hell of an anti Semite. I’d just like to know where or not it is true that porno was made publicly available in Iraq and if Netanyahu really did request that porn be beamed into the houses ( if they haven’t been demolished first) of the Palestinians.

    Why do you not start with that? It should be easy to debunk no?

  4. Dojimon70ad says:

    Oh quit your whining. The Jewish state will still cash the goyims check. If the Christ denying Pharisees don’t control U.S. elections they should ask for their money back. Don’t let the Rock of offence fall on you for He will grind you to powder!

  5. Percy says:

    Alright, I got some ancient Afghani tradition for you to research. It’s called the :

    Bacha bazi


  6. Matt says:

    The debate is over. Do we really need more and more info about the Jews? We know who they are and what the destructive agenda is. Israel must perish (idea inspired by the genocidal program suggested by Jew Kaufman in his 1941 book, Germany Must Perish. Ultimately the Jewish question is really very simple: it’s them or us.

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