Norwegian lawmaker Anders Mathisen denies the Holocaust

The JTA reports that a Norwegian member of parliament named Anders Mathisen publicly denied the Holocaust in a newspaper called Finnmarken. Here’s the original article in Norwegian, and here’s a Google translation. Apparently this whole things started when Mathisen began ranting about the Holocaust on his Facebook page, but he subsequently repeated his contention in an interview with the newspaper.  Other Norwegian lawmakers have called on Mathisen to resign, but Mathisen refuses.

Mathisen was also interviewed on a Swedish blog, during the course of which he recommended that people read the Holocaust denial writings of Germar Rudolf. The blog, by a guy named Mohamed Omar, has a lot of Holocaust denial on it.

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11 Responses to Norwegian lawmaker Anders Mathisen denies the Holocaust

  1. Adam Levick says:

    Good post. Do you know which political party Mathisen is a member of? Is it the ruling one, or the opposition?

    • JHate says:

      He was part of the Labour party, but in the course of this brouhaha it came out that he hadn’t paid his party dues in some time and so now is essentially an independent.

  2. Jens Jarva says:

    He is not an MP of the Norwegian Government, but only a deputy member of the Sami Parliament. The Sami Parliament represent the minority Sami (Laps) in Norway, and mainly deals with their cultural questions.

    His views are odd, and hardly represent the Sami or the Labour Party. By being odd in this way, he has probably finnished his political career before it really started.

    It is funny that several international media distributors have not been able to get these simple fact items right, when they are writing about a fellow who totally fails in his handling of historical facts. He is only a very marginal ‘regional’ politician.

  3. amband says:

    so why should this finish a political career? Why don’t you just sue the guy and take him to court with your evidence. Simple!

    Who says he has failed in historical fact?

    • John Renehan says:

      They have no proof and it’s why historians have ammunition. The Jews have no proof and all there is for Jews to holler and scream and because they know if the holocaust is exposed for the lie that it is they have no other country to go to. The rich media jews, the banker jews, the pawn shop jews would be done. So understand all they have is to silence the ones who have exposed this horrendous lie.

    • Jens Jarva says:

      To Amband

      His political career is probably finished (after his deputy member mandate runs out in 2013) since no established parties in Norway would take in a member with his views. He could of course turn to Vigrid (a Norwegian Nazi party), but that would not bring him anywhere close to political power. This because the views of Vigrid are far to heavy to get any significant support in Norway, especially since the populist position already is occupied by an ‘Israel friendly’ party (Fremskrittspartiet).

      Secondly it would be a little strange if he joined Vigrid, since this party traditionally is against the Sami (Laps) in much the same way they are against Jews, Blacks, and Muslims. According to one anti-racism organization, he has actually been connected to a Norwegian Nazi over the Internet, but I cannot say anything about the accuracy of this piece of information. One thing I can say is that he would not be accepted by main stream Sami, and the Sami opposing Samishness in the Sami Parliament are members of the ‘Israel friendly’ Fremskrittspartiet.

      I do not know much about his political position in his home municipality, but I guess it is weak. What I know is that he would not stand a chance in the provincial elections in Finnmark, the Sami elections to the Sami Parliament, or the national elections to the Parliament.

      When it comes to suing him, this is not possible since he has not broken any law. He has made an inaccurate and offensive statement, but that is in itself not illegal in Norway. If he on the other hand had been more offensive towards Jews (or other minorities), then he could for example had been sued for aggression against a minority. Holocaust denial, in itself, is not illegal in Norway (and many other Western countries), but it is not accepted.

      (Had Mathisen however lived in Sweden, he might had been taken in by an ‘established’ right wing extremist party, namely Sverigedemokraterna. This party is established in some municipalities, and has a few seats in the National Parliament. Openly, it is ‘Israel friendly’ and does not accept any anti-Semitism, but several of its leading members have a real Nazi background. If this party wouldn’t had suited Mathisen, he could always have turned to the extremer Nationaldemokraterna, with a few municipal seats in total, if they would have accepted a Sami as member.)

      When it comes to fact, it is well documented fact that millions of Jews (and many others) were murdered by the Nazis. One could of course dispute anything, but it would be quite stupid to believe that the planet is flat or that you can fly if you flap your arms fast enough.

  4. John Renehan says:

    Look at the world since WWII. Look at the immigration the USA and European countries have had to accept. Look at the porn and perversion and sex crimes. The world will fall apart at this rate. Maybe if the holocaust is exposed we can get rid of the porn. The reason for those wars was to destroy your countries. They gave you the Euro, but you don’t want it. The Jewish bankers wanted it. Soon they’ll make everyone speak one language.

    • Jens Jarva says:

      To John

      I can see that you are dissatisfied with the internationalisation of your world, but your logics are among the strangest I have seen for a long while. You may find the World rotten, but racism and poor thinking do not improve it at all. What you need is to discipline your thoughts, especially you need to be more critical and more humble. Good luck!

  5. nonymous says:

    We should put all deniers in jail! History is not up to revision.

    • Ben says:

      I get your sentiment but cannot agree with the idea that history is not up for revision because new information is always being uncovered by genuine historians who engage in research and analysis. Having said that, Holocaust denial is not revisionism, it’s outright lying that changes facts and ideas in order to prove a diseased central thesis, and I feel your point about deniers not being related to that part of history if valid. Also, how countries handle the deniers is largely based on historical events: there’s never been any Nazi party taking power or getting close to it in the U.S., so seeing deniers punished by being mostly unemployed lunatic fringe dwellers makes sense, while of course denial is different in Europe because it amounts to a call to repeat genocide.

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