Mark Weber has a new radio show… or does he?

Not sure what to make of this: IHR and the Reason Radio Network both say that IHR Director Mark Weber has a new internet radio show called “The Mark Weber Report,” whose first episode was supposed to have aired on March 23. But the episode is not showing up on the network’s website. If this show actually happens, it will be Weber’s second foray into internet radio. He briefly did a show called “Mark Weber’s Worldwatch,” which ran for two months in 2009. As I recall (though it’s been a while), his old show sounded like it was completely scripted, as if he were reading an essay on the air, and I imagine it’s hard to keep that up on a weekly basis. Well, we’ll see whether this new show — if it happens — is any different.

Update (03/30): Weber did the show. I review it here.

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