A despicable book

I was finally able to find a copy of the book, Torat HaMelech (“The King’s Torah”), and have spent the past hour or so reading through it. I have never been so repulsed, disgusted and angered by a book — and that’s saying a lot, given how much anti-Semitic stuff I read. Torat HaMelech is itself precisely the obscene caricature of Judaism that one finds in the allegations of anti-Semites. In the US this book would be protected by the First Amendment, but in Israel there are laws against this type of thing, and I support the prosecution of the authors and promoters of Torat HaMelech to the full extent that those laws allow.

It is important that we who expose and fight against anti-Semitism be willing to denounce extremism and bigotry in our own communities as well. There is no excuse for it.

UPDATE: Lots of comments coming in here. I need to make three points.  First: I read the book in its original Hebrew. Second: Several folks have focused a lot on the Forward story I linked to. It’s not about the Forward story (whose details I cannot vouch for), it’s about the book. So the link to the Forward story goes. Third: The comments that have come in on this post so far are generating far more heat than light, so I’m going to close all comments on this post. Sorry.

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