The many names of Germar Rudolf

I’ve been reading through the voluminous online writings of Germar Rudolf (including these and these) and just wanted to note, for anyone else who  might want to do their own research, that he seems to have used at least twelve pen names at various times, including: Jörg Berger; Ernst Gauss; Manfred Köhler; Christian Konrad; Werner Kretschmer; Anton Mägerle; Rudolph Markert; Wolfgang Pfitzner; Ronald Reeves; Angela Schneider; Gerd Steiger; and Rudi Zornig. Also for a time during his first marriage he adopted his wife’s surname, Scheerer, and he apparently still used that name for some legal documents as late as 2008.

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One Response to The many names of Germar Rudolf

  1. Just for the record: when applying for political asylum in the U.S. in 2000, I had to list all aliases and pen names ever used, so I did, see that document which has been posted online since 2002:
    On page 9 of that document is my list of pen names as of 2000. It includes: Jörg Berger, Michael Gärtner (with others), Ernst Gauss, Rudolf Jettinger, Natalie Kleine (with others), Manfred Köhler, Christian Konrad, Werner Kretschmer, Anton Mägerle, Rudolph Markert, Wolfgang Pfitzner, Ronald Reeves, Bernd Reichert, Lennard Rose, Angela Schneider, Rainer Scholz, Jakob Sprenger, Gerd Steiger, Herbert Verbeke (with others), Siegfried Verbeke (with others), Frank Weidenfeld (with others), Hans Karl Westphal, Rudi Zornig (23, if I count correctly). Claims about other names used by up to that year me are false. I have no list of any names invented and used after that time, although I kind of stopped inventing pen names after applying for asylum.
    My asylum case was filed under my then legal name Scheerer. I reverted to my name of birth in 2002 after the divorce from my first wife. By then the case was filed under my married name, and the U.S. authorities later refused to have the name associated with my case changed.

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