Germar Rudolf: Still trying to get into the US

Germar Rudolf

Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf has resurfaced. In a letter that is circulating online, Rudolf writes that he is “somewhere in Mexico,” waiting for a ruling on his application for a green card to enter the United States. Rudolf had moved to the US from Germany and lived here from 1999 to 2005, when he was deported back to Germany for having filed a “frivolous” application for political asylum (he had argued that German laws against Holocaust denial amounted to political persecution of revisionists). In Rudolf’s new letter, he writes that he went to Mexico in the hope that his new application for a green card would be approved, but that he has met with numerous delays and that he has sued the US government to make a final ruling on his application, which he expects to be adjudicated within a couple of months. If his application is rejected, Rudolf writes that he will try to settle in England.

Rudolf’s work denying the Holocaust and his saga of prosecution by Germany for Holocaust denial (where it is illegal) is lengthy and need not be repeated here. But here are a few salient facts about his activities:

More interesting to me than all that is that Rudolf also appears to subscribe to anti-Judaism. Consider: In The Revisionist (a holocaust denial journal that Rudolf founded) vol. 4 no. 4, November 2003, Rudolf reviews David Duke’s book, Jewish Supremacism, which is rife with anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism. In his review, Rudolf writes that the book’s central thesis is “convincing to a large degree.” Rudolf then summarizes the book’s thesis as follows:

“Judaism is an ideology based on the ‘racist’ assumption that Jews are superior to non-Jews, and that they try and greatly succeeded to gain decisive influence…over many important aspects of western societies.” (p. 475)

Even more damning: In The Revisionist vol. 4 no. 1 (February 2003), Rudolf claims that during the formation of the Soviet Union, “the Jews” played an important role in “erecting a machinery of terrorism which is unparalleled in world history.” This is itself a very problematic claim. But Rudolf goes further, arguing that Jews did so because of an inherent hatred of gentiles that Judaism allegedly teaches – and that the anti-Semitic persecution of Jews in the first half of the twentieth century is merely a reaction to these Jewish beliefs:

“A deeper analysis, however, should also research the inflexible ideological position of Torah, Talmud, and Schulchan Aruch, which defines the principle opposition of orthodox Jewry against their non-Jewish environment. The hostility against non-Jews, as it is demanded by these Jewish law books, is probably the deeper reason for eastern European anti-Judaism, for the subsequent Jewish tyranny of early Soviet domination, as well as for National Socialist anti-Judaism and anti-Bolshevism developing as a result of this.” (p. 113)

I believe there may be more of this type of thing in Rudof’s writings, and will be looking into it. I’ll report on what I find in a later post.

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4 Responses to Germar Rudolf: Still trying to get into the US

  1. Rich Ladbrook says:

    You cannot tout freedom speech with one hand and with the other try to suppress thoughts and ideas you don’t like with the other.
    Here’s a thought, instead of suppressing revisionism and prosecute revisionists why not just prove them wrong, take up their offers of an open and public debate? Could it be that you haven’t a leg to stand on, instead you use the “believe or go to jail” tactics.
    What puzzles me is why you wish 6 million Jews were gassed by the Nazi’s? I think that Jews should be doing the work of the revisionists to try to get an excact number even if that number is way smaller then 6 million, and the causes of the deaths.
    If I believed a story someone that I loved was gassed death, but then found out that they had really died of disease or had become a misplaced person I would want to know, and would not suppress those trying to find out.
    I’m a great admirer of David Duke, David Irving, and Germar Rudolf as well as all the revisionist and those fighting for the freedom of speech.

  2. Rebecca says:

    No historian of the Holocaust says that all of the Jews murdered by the Nazis were killed in the gas chambers, so your first point is a straw man. About 1.5 million Jews on the eastern front were killed by the Einsatzgruppen who followed behind the Wehrmacht as they invaded the Soviet Union from June 1941 onwards. If you would actually like to know what happened in the Holocaust, instead of devoting yourself to an anti-Jewish ideology, I would suggest reading a good history of the Holocaust, such as those by Doris Bergen, Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan Van Pelt, or Martin Gilbert.

  3. Trevor Local says:

    I find it interesting, as well as revealing, that people spend so much time debating this hoax, yet we don’t discuss the FACT that the hoax was tried numerous times- and well before H*tler became Chancellor. This would be a true investigation. It is obvious to anyone researching the holocaust claims that this mystical “6 Million” number is repetitious. The FACT that this mystical 6 Million number is repeated over and over again deserves top position in the spotlight. From there the investigation should start. Where does this number come from? Why is it always 6 Million? Has this happened before? Has it been claimed before? If so, where and when? You know, real basic investigative questions…

    Answer (for those too lazy to do their own research):
    This hoax has been tried as early as 1899. There are several newspaper articles (including many in New York Times) that claim a holocaust of 6 Million “jews”, and these articles can be found easily with a web search engine. So what does this mean? It means the claims of WW11 holocaust must be scrutinized, as these claims have been made before, and at least 13 different times that I can verify. But it makes scrutiny extremely difficult when the thought nazi’s put us in prison for it. This, alone, should but interpreted as cover-up of truth. This is axiomatic. Which then makes it also axiomatic that the idiots (ie: OP) who shout “anti-semitism” and all the other ridiculous insults are complicit in the cover-up of truth. They are anti-truth….or, more simply LIARS.

    The information is out there, and it’s quite obvious that this whole this is a wicked hoax.

    PS. Do a search of “gematria” and “6 Million”, then you’ll see the source of this mystical number its importance.

  4. For the record: the U.S. Immigration Service’s finding that my asylum application had been frivolous was overruled by the U.S. Federal Court, 11th Circuit — after my deportation. See the verdict here:

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