David Irving US tour dates

David Irving, a Holocaust denier of international note, has released a new set of dates and places for a US speaking tour.  Late April and early May are pretty brutal on him. No rest for the wicked, I guess.  Irving is pretty careful about trying to stop anyone he thinks may be associated with the “traditional enemies of free speech” from getting in to his meetings, and in the past couple of years there have been several violent episodes involving white supremacists and/or anti-fascist protesters at his events. So I’m not recommending that anyone actually try to go. But anyway, here is the schedule:

February 28: Miami, FL
March 1: Orlando, FL
March 2: Savannah, GA
March 3: Columbia, SC
March 4: Raleigh, NC
March 5: Richmond, VA
March 6: Washington DC
April 9: Indianapolis, IN
April 10: St. Louis, MO
April 12: Dallas, TX
April 13: Houston, TX
April 15: San Antonio, TX
April 16: El Paso, TX
April 17: Albuquerque, NM
April 20: Las Vegas, NV
April 21: Phoenix, AZ
April 22: Sherman Oaks, CA
April 23: Orange County, CA
April 28: San Francisco, CA
April 29: Sacramento, CA
May 1: Portland, OR
May 2: Seattle, WA
May 3: Spokane, WA
May 4: Kalispell, MT
May 6: Billings, MT
May 8: Bismarck, ND
May 9: Fargo, ND
May 10: Minneapolis, MN
May 11: Madison, WI
May 12: Chicago, IL
May 13: Detroit, MI

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10 Responses to David Irving US tour dates

  1. modernityblog says:

    Good research, but might I suggest not giving them any readers, by using a Google cache version rather than a direct link to a Far Right site?

    Like these? http://bit.ly/eZqS8E and http://bit.ly/g0XFiX

    We shouldn’t encourage people to visit Far Right sites, whenever possible, it only makes these neo-nazis happy and we don’t want that, do we ?


  2. Jay Knott says:

    When I saw Irving, he didn’t deny the holocaust, in fact, he read out an intercepted message from the codebreaking center in Bletchley Park, UK, confirming the ‘final solution’ order. When he says ‘the traditional enemies of free speech’, he is probably referring to anti-fascists ‘assaulting attendees’ all of whom they claim are ‘racist scum’. Do you believe anyone who defends themselves, and free speech, against violence, is a ‘white supremacist’?

    • Ben says:

      With the kind of logic you showed in your last sentence, you confirmed that your total lack of writing ability at Pacifica Forum is the constant of your work. Never thought I’d miss Orval Etter but compared to you he’s worthy of the Pulitzer Prize!

  3. Leo Caesius says:

    Every time anti-Irving rioters attempt to supress free speech, he sells another 5000-10,000 books

    • Ben says:

      Did you get those figures from genuine analysis, or did you conjure them under the law of manufactured cause and effect (with a corellary in “reasons to make a non-historian who went bankrupt and lost his house seem successful” PR)?

  4. Peter says:

    April 23 Orange County meeting is being held at the IHR headquarters at 10605 Lawson River Rd Fountain Valley CA 92708 at 8pm.

  5. nate says:

    the april 13th talk for houston is at the springhill suites 1101 magnolia ave in webster

  6. AntiRacist says:

    Re: Peter
    Howd you find out the exact location in orange county? Im trying to do the same in sacramento.

  7. Maureen Martin says:

    hahaha you didn’t find us did you? hahahaha!

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