Internet company stands firm against Holocaust deniers

Almost missed this: Mark Weber’s campaign to get web security companies to remove the website of the Institute for Historical Review from their lists of hate sites ran into a [fire]wall when Eric Proul, Sr. Legal Counsel of Websense Inc., confirmed that after re-reviewing, it was clear that the site is correctly categorized as promoting “Racism and Hate.”

Weber responded with a letter objecting to the very notion that Holocaust denial (or “revisionism,” as he calls it) should be considered hateful. That’s absurd, as I’ve written about before. Holocaust denial postulates the existence of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to defraud non-Jews, and casts Holocaust survivors and their families as charlatans and crooks. It implies that Jews have inordinate influence over academics, the media, Hollywood, and even governments — influence that they used in order to perpetrate the Holocaust “hoax.” These are classic anti-Semitic stereotypes. (Not to mention the fact that Weber has infused blatant anti-Judaism into the IHR website as well, as I’ve written about elsewhere.)

Sites like, which promote Holocaust denial and other anti-Semitic content, are perfectly legal in the US, and should remain so. But individuals, businesses and organizations have the right to employ companies like Websense, to keep their homes and office environments free of this hateful content. Hats off to Websense Inc. for rejecting IHR’s allegations of “censorship.”

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1 Response to Internet company stands firm against Holocaust deniers

  1. Gerard says:

    Good work, Mark and friends! The tacit acceptance of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial needs to be exposed. This is another example of the pressure that needs to be employed against these cretinous charlatans.

    Michael Moynihan is also doing a good job of fighting back against them over at Reason.

    Assane’s Extremist Employees

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