More on Paul Sheldon Foote

The post on Paul Sheldon Foote has proven to be among the most popular on the blog so far. So let me give a few additional pointers for people interested in learning more about this guy.

Probably the most important fact that I left out of the original post is that Foote founded a Yahoo Group called “Traitors USA” back in 2004. The group’s original focus was on a group called Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK). I frankly don’t understand Foote’s rambling fulminations against the MEK (check out the earliest messages posted to TraitorsUSA), but since 2004, Traitors USA has become a general-purpose anti-Israel and anti-Semitic group with a secondary focus on Iranian issues. No, not every post is anti-Semitic or even anti-Israel, and many of the posts on the group are direct feeds from other groups. But Foote reposts numerous hardcore anti-Semitic messages on the group, including content from Michael A. Hoffman II, Charles Carlson, Mark Dankof, and a bunch of others. For anyone wishing to do some digging into the mind and associates of Paul Sheldon Foote, Traitors USA is a good place to check.

Another point about Foote that I just noticed is that someone on Facebook asked him why he is friends with “klansman / racist / white supremacist David Duke.” His response was illuminating. “I have friends across the entire political spectrum,” he says. Then he adds links to some of Duke’s most blatantly anti-Semitic content available online. “Political spectrum” indeed. Sounds like Foote is saying he’ll be friends with anyone as long as they hate Jews.

Last point: Mark Dankof took up a defense of Foote after my first post on him. In the course of his post, Dankof reveals that Mark Weber, the director of the Institute for Historical Review, consoled Foote after my attack. Weber apparently wrote to Foote, “Being attacked by an outfit like this is a badge of honor. You’re on the right side of history and humanity.” I don’t know — being told by a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite that I’m on the right side of history and humanity would not be very comforting to me…. But again, that just shows you what side Foote et al see themselves as being on.

PS: As usual, I will add the disclaimer that there is nothing anti-Semitic about analyzing the racism that is actually existent among Jews. I think that people of all faiths and ethnicities should take a good hard look at their own prejudices. But that’s not what Duke, Foote, Hoffman, Dankof and others in their crew are doing, as any fair-minded person can see. Also, the quote from Rabbi Yaacov Perrin that Foote includes at the end of his Facebook comment (above) is horrific. I condemn it any any similar statements wholeheartedly.  (I also don’t know Rabbi Perrin and have no idea whether he actually made this comment as quoted.)

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2 Responses to More on Paul Sheldon Foote

  1. This seems like a good and interesting post. But the MEK is not that great of an organization [yes I do hate the Iranian regime]. Why should people speak out against the MEK? For one thing, it does all it can to try to get support and to act like the only opposition group to Iran’s evil regime, when there are plenty of good pro-democracy groups around and the Iranian people even rise up for democracy and freedom [and not to put the Rajavis in power].
    Let’s look at the MEK. It was founded in the 1960’s as an Islamic-Marxist cult. It launched a terrorist campaign against the Shah and the west. It killed Americans. The MEK was trained by Yasser Arafat and his PLO terrorist group. Maryam Rajavi [who leads the MEK along with Massoud Rajavi] delivered a whole eulogy for Yasser terrorist Arafat after he died. The MEK took part in the 1979 Iranian revolution and supported the capture of the US embassy and the taking of American embassy workers as hostages. After not getting their share of power, the MEK then became opposed to the regime. That opposition has nothing to do with human rights, democracy or terrorism; but with power. During the hostage crisis, the MEK wanted to have the American hostages killed and even demonstrated against releasing them. The MEK later got support from Saddam Hussein and acted like his proxy army, beginning with the Iran-Iraq war. The MEK also helped Saddam to suppress the Kurds and the Shias right after the Gulf war. The MEK evolved more into a cult, with Massoud and Maryam Rajavi taking over the group. Any suspected dissident, dissident and/or anyone, who wants to leave, gets tortured and/or killed. Human Rights Watch [HRW] did a report on the secret prisons run by the MEK, which are there for dissidents, suspected dissidents and/or anyone, who seeks to leave the group. Th MEK has the support of many European parliamentarians and many members of congress. The dopes from the IPC [Iran Policy Committee] act like the MEK’s front. So that’s why some people have a beef with the MEK.

  2. I hereby retract all I said about the MEK that appeared the comment of this site on November 2010. While I was still opposed to the Iranian regime, I fell for their disinformation on the MEK. I was wrong.

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