IHR on Facebook; Anti-Judaism in Anaheim and Columbus, GA

I’d like to extend a big welcome to the Institute for Historical Review, which now has a profile on Facebook. Not much on it yet, but since IHR joined on October 9, it picked up 78 members. This Facebook page appears to be an official IHR page, as opposed to an “Institute for Historical Review” group which has been in existence since December 2009.

IHR now joins a roster of prominent Holocaust deniers with a presence on Facebook.

In addition to starting the Facebook page, Mark Weber, the director of the Institute for Historical Review, says that he has had some success with his campaign to challenge the blocking of the IHR website by companies and organizations on the [accurate] grounds that it is a hate site. Specifically, two successes: the Anaheim Union High School district and the Columbus, Georgia library system have unblocked access to the IHR website. These successes, and the campaign in general, are all the more ironic given the direction that Weber’s anti-Semitism has taken since 2009, as I will now describe.

Mark Weber is an interesting case as far as Holocaust deniers go. Although his older statements, writings and the content he administers on the IHR website indicate that he is clearly a Holocaust denier, for some years now he has generally avoided making explicit statements of Holocaust denial, probably to help with fundraising and try to present IHR as a more or less respectable institution. In fact Weber has come under fire from other deniers who were frustrated by his reluctance to trumpet and champion the Holocaust denial cause more openly. Robert Faurisson, ever ready to take others in the Holocaust denial movement to task for not espousing his brand of Holocaust denial orthodoxy, detailed his 15-year effort to prod Weber to be more outspoken on hardcore Holocaust denial, in an essay called “Mark Weber Must Resign from the Institute for Historical Review.” Others focused on Weber’s apparent inability to use the $2 million bequest that IHR is sitting on to actively promote Holocaust denial in any meaningful way.

The biggest blow to Mark Weber’s credibility as a “revisionist,”at least as far as others in the movement are concerned, came when he wrote an essay in 2009 entitled “How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism?” In this essay he argued that although Holocaust denial is a “worthy endeavor,” a more important one is to directly challenge “Jewish Zionist power,” and in this struggle, “Holocaust revisionism cannot play a central role.”

In keeping with this new direction, Weber has increasingly focused on anti-Judaism in his writings and speeches. He aims to show that the “Jewish Zionist” agenda and policies are motivated directly by the tenets of the Jewish religion. One of Weber’s most important essays on this is entitled “The Weight of Tradition: Why Judaism is Not Like Other Religions.” [If the title sounds familiar that’s because it — and the essay as a whole — are quite similar to Israel Shahak’s “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years,” which often serves as a guidebook to non-Jewish anti-Semites who are just getting into the business of defaming Judaism.] A few choice excerpts from Weber’s essay:

“Many critics of Israel and its policies make a sharp distinction between Israel and its state ideology, Zionism, on the one hand, and Judaism, or the Jewish religious tradition and outlook, on the other….In fact, the often cruel and arrogant policies of Israel, and the often arrogant attitudes of what is called the “Israel Lobby,” the Jewish lobby, or the organized Jewish community, are not an aberration, but rather are deeply rooted in Jewish religious writings and in centuries of Jewish tradition….

“The role of the Jewish community is also a harmful one because Jews are encouraged to regard themselves as separate from the rest of humanity, and as members of a community with interests quite distinct from those of everyone else.

“Time and again in history, Jews have wielded great power to further group interests that are separate from, and often contrary to, those of the non-Jewish populations among whom they live. This creates an inherently unjust and unstable situation that all too often has ended tragically in violent conflict between Jews and non-Jews.

“In our age, the seemingly intractable Middle East conflict is more than just a problem of Zionism or politics, or a dispute over land. Israel’s often arrogant policies, and especially its inhumane treatment of non-Jews, have roots in centuries-old attitudes that are laid out in ancient Jewish religious writings.”

Weber’s new approach is more obviously anti-Semitic than his tepid brand of Holocaust denial used to be. He is not just espousing an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about World War II and its aftermath; now he is actively demonizing Judaism and all its adherents. How then can he argue to the Anaheim Union High School district and the Columbus, Georgia library system that the IHR website does not promote “hate or racism,” and that IHR “has a long record of staunch opposition to hate [and] bigotry?” Is there anything more hateful and bigoted than demonizing an entire religious tradition and its adherents?

[I think I may need to have my colleagues in the Mossad contact the folks in Anaheim and Columbus to set them straight on Weber and the IHR.  🙂 I say this for the benefit of a bunch of anti-Semites who recently discovered my blog. One of them is convinced that I am an agent of the “Zionist thought police.” Mark Dankof, who I wrote about previously, suggested that I am part of the “the Hasbara Project crowd at Mossad headquarters” and railed about the fact that I prefer to remain anonymous at this time.  Guys, I wish I was that cool.  If you knew me you’d be disappointed. And by the way, if you’re upset by my characterizations of you on this blog, just go ahead and refute them. Most of the attacks on me so far have been ad hominem or have involved lengthy recitations of anti-Israel conspiracy theories.  Don’t worry about who I am; just explain why you are really not anti-Semitic. Focus on the substance, not the “agent.”]

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One Response to IHR on Facebook; Anti-Judaism in Anaheim and Columbus, GA

  1. Gil Gamesh says:

    what amazing is how many holocaust deniers haunt site like Medowweiss, but try and defend Israel and you get kicked off.

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