YouTube closes David Duke’s account

David Duke in a YouTube video

David Duke has announced on an extremist web forum that YouTube closed down his account and removed his videos. He appears to be right. If you try to open the video I wrote about a while back, you’ll get a message stating, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Reagan McNeil Inc.” A direct link to his channel results in a statement that “This account is suspended.”

No doubt Duke’s videos should have been removed long ago on the grounds that they violate YouTube’s “Community Guidelines” which prohibit “hate speech,” which they define as “speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity.” But YouTube has never acted against Duke on those grounds before.

At least one of the error messages states that the reason for the suspension is due to a copyright claim. This seems fishy to me because the videos are usually produced by Duke himself, and consist of him sitting in a room talking into a video camera.

Reaction in the white supremacist and anti-Semitic world has been predictable. First of all, many have reposted Duke’s videos using their own YouTube accounts. Then there is the anti-Semitic vituperation against “JewTube,” the allegations that this was a plot by ADL, the claims that this was the work of “Zionist Jews and Israel,” and other anti-Jewish calumnies.  Probably the best one I saw was by “Ares88”:

Of course the Jews are trying to silence speech on the internet. Jews do not respect any so-called ‘rights’ of gentiles, whom they view as inferior, because these rights interfere with what the Jews see as their coming ‘world kingdom.’ They are doing the same thing in America that they did in the USSR – slowly but surely taking away rights under the guise of banning “hate speech” and so on.

You just have to keep fighting them. They are a race of disgusting biological degenerates and they are going to have to be defeated, which means all of us who know about them must keep making videos, writing blogs, etc., and keep the truth out there.

Remember what Julius Steicher said, “He who fights the Jews battles the Devil.” And that’s what we’re up against, metaphorically speaking.

Some white supremacists have suggested that they should migrate from YouTube altogether, and post their videos on some of the video-sharing sites that cater to extremists and anti-Semites. However, a couple of them made an important point that I have been talking about for years: that it is primarily on mass-market, mainstream websites that white supremacists get the ability to spread their ideology to others. Posting their videos on overtly anti-Semitic websites is the equivalent of conducting a Klan meeting in someone’s basement. Posting their material on YouTube is the equivalent of their holding their meeting on a street corner where all passerby can see. “baby rattlesnake” says it well:

The problem with the WN [white nationalist] video channel, at least at this point, is that it is visited mainly by WN and antis [anti-racists]. Everyone else goes to You Tube. We need a much larger umbrella of a video system like you tube that reaches regular people. Our numbers grow when people see facts and hear the truth.

Bulldog43 makes the same point:

Youtube, with all it’s users, can be a very powerful way of reaching the masses. The opposition keeps wearing away at us, and are desperately trying to limit our capabilities.

Exactly. Let’s keep wearing them down and pushing them back into the basements where they belong.

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4 Responses to YouTube closes David Duke’s account

  1. modernityblog says:

    Good post,

    I think you will find that the Extreme Right open their own version of Youtube and pile in their filth there, they have the money and are often surprisingly inventive.

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  3. George says:

    Freedom of Speech applies to all people; regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, veteran status, sexual orientation ect ect…

    If people such as Dr. Duke wish to voice their opinion on this public forum called the Internet, they should. You’re allowed to have your opinion and voice it, so long as it is the ‘correct’ opinion they want you to have.

  4. Hitler! says:

    Fuck you, you rat-faced hook-nosed KIKE motherfuckers! There is NOTHING you fear more than exposure!
    HA! You are only incriminating yourselves with all the censorship, and when all the White people wake up, there won’t be a single tree left in White countries without a Jew hanging from it! ONCE AND FOR ALL! And what sweet day that will be!

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