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Doug Christie’s unsent letter to Desmond Tutu

If there were any doubts about recently-deceased Doug Christie’s personal motivations, they have been swept aside by Bradley Smith, who in the latest issue of his newsletter shares the draft of a letter that Doug Christie wanted to send to … Continue reading

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Mark Glenn says Jews responsible for the Sandy Hook school massacre

On his December 14 radio show, American anti-Semitic activist Mark Glenn reveals that the villains responsible for the Sandy Hook school massacre are…wait for it…the Jews. “When you see these kinds of things happening,” Glenn says, “you see these kids basically … Continue reading

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Cal. State University professor endorses, fund-raises for David Duke

Has anyone else noticed that for the past several months, Professor Kevin MacDonald of Cal State-Long Beach has been a regular guest on the Internet radio show of former Klansman and perpetual anti-Semite David Duke? This began in early March 2012, … Continue reading

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Let’s read “The Barnes Review” (March/April 2011)

I just obtained the latest issue of The Barnes Review, a white nationalist and holocaust-denying publication produced by Willis Carto. Let’s crack it open and see what’s inside. The cover story is about Walt Disney. Paul Angel (TBR’s Managing Editor) and … Continue reading

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Anti-Semitism and the NPR scandal

One of the big national stories today is a sting operation conducted by conservative activists against a high-level fundraiser for National Public Radio. The activists posed as members of a fictitious American Muslim group considering making a large donation to … Continue reading

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